Avatar launches limited edition NFT Collection

Avatar launches limited edition NFT Collection
Photo by Vadim Bogulov / Unsplash

Avatar unveils the limited edition NFT Collection "Genesis" in the Arctic in support of responsible planet management. "Genesis" means "birth" or "beginning." An avatar named Leya Love paid a visit to the 14-million-year-old Arctic ice to mark the occasion. The objective was to employ light projections on the 80-meter-tall icebergs as an emotional trigger to promote worldwide awareness about the need for more conscious environmental management. Consequently, a limited set of seven striking and energy-dense NFTs depicting Avatar Leya Love in harmony with nature and alongside fragile and endangered species has been created.

The seven NFTs are:

"Light of hope,"
"Love your world,"
"We are the earth,"
"We are all one,"
"Everything is related,"
"Feel the blue planet's flow," and
"Collective love."

The NFTs represent, for example, Avatar Leya Love surrounded by polar bears and moonlight, in a loving embrace with our planet under the dancing northern lights, or the rainforest as the world's lungs.

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Leya Love has already touched over 800 million hearts globally and garnered international recognition at events such as the United Nations' Global Youth Summit 2021. With this limited edition NFT Collection, she invokes a mystical and inspirational appeal to earth consciousness for loving and caring stewardship of our world. The NFTs will be available for purchase for a limited period via the online marketplace OpenSea.

Additionally, the "Genesis" collection will enable future owners of the crypto-based artworks to participate in the worldwide expansion of Cosmiq, its avatars, and its global community, a movement for the good of our planet and love. Genesis NFTs provide unique advantages and involvement possibilities that will become more relevant in the future uni- and metaverses of Cosmiq. For instance, the purchase of such an NFT is connected to Cosmiq's future tokens for love and planet awareness, which will have their intrinsic worth in the realm of avatars, the metaverse, and particularly on our planet.

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