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Baron Davies Announces Launch of First “Black Santa” Holiday NFT Drop
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Baron Davies Announces Launch of First “Black Santa” Holiday NFT Drop

BTC Peers reporter
BTC Peers reporter

The “Black Santa” NFT collection, which dropped on Friday, 17thDecember, was the first venture of the former basketball star into the NFT space. Davis founded the Black Santa co. to celebrate diversity in storytelling through the use of high-quality and contemporary materials, with the goal of unity in mind. The company, which is self-described as “character-focused,” is driven by clear and vivid imaginations, various humanitarian assistance for different kinds of causes and bodies, and positivity. The Black Santa and Cecilia (also known as Mrs. Clause), are the first set of many brilliant characters.

According to news reports following the announcement, Davis mentioned that his dream for the Black Santa was to provide children with a magical and enchanted world of endless possibilities, adventure, and good characters of color, while also educating them on the need for giving all year round.

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He believes that NFT provides a modern technological platform for an increased Black Santa experience for fans and collectors alike. According to him, with the partnership with Crypto.com NFT,

“the Black Santa collectibles are not just possible, they truly capture the integrity and soul of the character.”

The inspiration for the Black Santa comes from the positive reactions Davis got from dressing up as a Santa during a Halloween celebration. He then realized the impact a Santa costume allowed him to create within the culture of the Black community, who had previously not had such costume.

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The first NFT collection drop featured a primary auction sale of Black Santa Basketball Jersey Packs, Snow Globe Wonderland NFTs, Ho Ho Hologram Rare NFTs, and Christmas Around the Globe Black Santa Ultra Rare NFTs. Parts of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Black Economic Alliance, the Los Angeles Urban League, and Money Matters for Youths. At the same time, an additional 25% of the profits will go to charities focused on the financial literacy and empowerment of marginalized communities.