BetSwirl Set to Launch with a Bang

BetSwirl Set to Launch with a Bang
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Much to the delight of punters, online gaming platforms often quickly embrace emerging technologies to enhance user experience. It is necessary, especially for an industry that grossed over $180 billion by the close of 2021. However, with the dawn of the metaverse and Web3,   gamers are demanding a more level playing field. A study by Grand View Research forecasts online gambling’s valuation to reach a $127 billion valuation by 2027. This growth will mostly happen due to the increasing popularity of online gambling; which was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, availability of cost-effective gambling applications, and high internet penetration.

BetSwirl is one of those projects at the forefront of this revolution that is rocking the gambling industry. And as BetSwirl is set to journey to the moon, they are inviting stakers, blockchain lovers and crypto enthusiasts from across the world to board their spaceship! In fact, they even plan to give $50k of $BETS away. But that is a topic for another day and article. Right now the  entire blockchain space warms up for another bull run. BetSwirl will be part of that bullrun and here is what you need to know:

What You Should Know

BetSwirl aims to ultimately become the go-to platform for gamers across the globe. Built on the Polygon network, the first obvious benefit BetSwirl users will enjoy is low gas fees on transactions within the ecosystem. The platform features auditing of all contracts on the ecosystem and just about every benefit the DeFi technology brings to the gambling industry. It aims to release a portal with provable fairness that's fun and rewarding, fitted with an easy-to-use highly engaging user interface which brings players one step closer to the  emerging metaverse.

To ensure gamers are deeply engaged, BetSwirl plans to support several types of games. In the beginning, the Dice Game and Coin Toss Game will be available on the platform. More games will roll out on the platform in the coming months especially as the BetSwirl team is already in talks with leading metaverse projects. The idea is to create a unique ecosystem that will enable users to enjoy the best of both worlds: immersive virtual experience and decentralized online gaming.

Information available on BetSwirl’s platform suggests that users can place bets using, among other cryptocurrencies, Polygon's MATIC, and one of the world's most liquid stablecoin, USDC. There will be extra benefits when gamers use BetSwirl’s native token, $BETS, once it is listed. For instance, users can stake them to earn a share of the platform's profits on top of being rewarded in a variety of tokens. In fact, the more active gamers are, the more they stand to make from their bets. An eye-catching leaderboard ranks them by their wins, rewarding top performers with NFTs.

Just recently, BetSwirl introduced a multi-level referral reward program. Put in simpler terms, anyone can make money off the ecosystem just by referring people who join and carry out transactions. There is added confidence in privacy preservation, high reliability, and censorship resistance because of their launch from a fully decentralized and community-driven ecosystem.

Wrapping Up

Ahead of their public sale on Gamestation scheduled for March, 2022, BetSwirl has met several key milestones. Among them is its partnership with established blockchain players like Chainlink. These partnerships and preparations are all geared towards the multifaceted goal of giving lovers of decentralized online gaming what they truly seek: a fair, secure, profitable gambling experience that also gives users a deeply immersive virtual reality experience. BetSwirl will launch several more features in the coming months and you might have to stay in touch to not miss out on the innovations they bring to the industry. Join their Telegram group to get a piece of the action. But if you want to learn more about the project, see this document.

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