Biggest Cardano Based Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Verlux kicks Off Pre-sale

Biggest Cardano Based Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Verlux kicks Off Pre-sale
Photo by Ruben Hanssen / Unsplash

Verlux, a widely-accepted project, aims to create the largest Cardano Blockchain Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace. Verlux is pleased to announce the beginning of their token Pre-sale, which has already had a great start.

On the Cardano blockchain, Verlux is a decentralized Cross-Chain NFT Platform. It enables users to quickly and easily move their NFTs from one blockchain to the other. This new technology makes NFTs more cost-effective by using the Cardano ecosystem's cheap transaction costs, quick transactions, and security.

As a result of Verlux's Cross-Chain Swap Protocol, NFTs on other blockchains may be switched to the Cardano blockchain while keeping their legitimacy and using the cheap transaction costs of the Cardano blockchain to establish a marketplace that aims to disrupt the conventional NFT system.

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A staking platform that allows users to harvest special edition and 100 percent unique NFTs by simply staking their tokens is being developed by the Verlux team in the NFT market. As one of the first Cardano projects to do so, it stands out from the crowd of Verlux and other NFT markets.

To list NFTs on Verlux, users will need to connect a suitable Cardano web-based wallet like Nami or Gero, then click on Mint NFT, and you will see a simple form to list your NFT, and you are done.

The $VLX cryptocurrency will be the driving force behind the Verlux Marketplace and its broader ecosystem. It will also function as the governance mechanism for the Verlux Ecosystem. NFT listings, stake to earn, and stake in engaging in NFT Farming to get Featured NFT drops are just a few examples of how the native Cardano utility token will be used in the Verlux Ecosystem.

The VLX tokeneomics are designed to guarantee that the initial decentralization is ideal and that the distribution process is equal enough to prevent market manipulation. To participate in the VLX Token Pre-Sale, go to the $VLX Token Sale Page. Before the $VLX Pre-sale concludes and the Hardcap is reached, users may acquire $VLX tokens at a lower price.

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