Biggest stars in on the NFT craze

Biggest stars in on the NFT craze

While Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are more than just an internet trend, this blockchain-based digital art market like all of the previous trends has gained popularity, gradually becoming one of the most talked-about concepts on the internet.

‌‌In a bid to gain from the booming market, a ton of celebrities and brands have jumped on this craze; forging partnerships with marketplaces and dropping NFTs

‌‌BTC Peers today will take a look at some of the biggest stars to jump on this trend.

Snoop Dogg

As a tech enthusiast and investor, Snoop Dogg has become one of the biggest stars to launch NFTs.

‌‌According to reports by BTC Peers, the American rapper is set to launch a drop on the marketplace. Featuring an original and exclusive song, collectibles also include a portrait of young Snoop and a Diamond blunt.

Lindsay Lohan

The MTV Movies Awards-winning actress and singer also jumped on the latest fad.

Featuring an original and exclusive song, Lohan's NFT drop recently ended with 1,000,001 TRX, valued at $85,425 at the time of sale.

Francis Ngannou

Newly crowned UFC Heavyweight Champion, the Cameroon-born athlete a few days before the title-deciding fight with Stipe Miocic launched an NFT drop.

Featuring a set of 12 collections, the highest-selling package sold for $284,000, raising the overall NFT drop value to $581,000, which according to various sources may just be bigger than what he made from the UFC Title fight, minus win bonus and add-ons.

Tony Hawk

Famous skateboarder Tony Hawk in a press release announced his very first NFT drop — a video of his last 540-degrees Ollie.

Scheduled to drop on Ethernity Chain, the buyer will receive exclusive ownership of the legendary skateboarder’s last trick before his retirement.

Lewis Capaldi

In collaboration with tech company Bondly, Scottish songwriter Lewis Capaldi via a recent tweet announced the release of his first NFT.

Aimed at giving the fans an experimental journey, the Grammy-nominated artist revealed that owners of this token will be able to attend a private in-person event next year.

With a ton of others like Croatian tennis player Oleksandra Oliynykova and Grammy-winning songwriter The Weeknd already embracing this new technology, global adoption is looming.

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