Binance takes the initiative to spread cryptocurrency awareness in India with Crypto Gurukul

Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are gaining popularity all over the world. One such example can be seen in Venezuela, where the Pizza Hut food chain has begun accepting crypto as a payment method. Similarly, other places are also taking steps to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

Binance took the initiative for the same, as well. The cryptocurrency exchange platform recently announced the introduction of Crypto Gurukul for the Indian markets. The Binance report stated that,

“As we embrace the revolution of finance from centralized to decentralized ecosystems, we’re launching an awareness program to spread financial literacy of new upcoming financial innovations in the blockchain and crypto space. Today, we’re introducing the Binance Crypto Gurukul, a step towards educating crypto and blockchain enthusiasts in India on digital assets and distributed ledger technologies.”

As per Binance, Crypto Gurukul will be a platform for everyone from India who wishes to learn the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. It will be free of cost and open for all. However, Binance did warn the users that the program will only be for educational purposes. It stated,

“It’s important to mention that this campaign shouldn’t be seen as financial advice nor information used for financial decision making. This program’s only purpose is to transfer knowledge to our Indian users and nurture their financial literacy and understanding of cryptocurrencies.”

Binance has also taken part in Ukraine’s cryptocurrency and blockchain TV series for spreading awareness in the mentioned country.

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