Bison Trails introduces QT protocol to support developers' work on Libra

Blockchain technology and staking service provider Bison Trail is launching Query and Transactions Clusters, a protocol to facilitate developers work on the upcoming Libra network. As a founding member of Libra Association, Bison Trail’s vision for this new product comes as a bridge that connects Libra’s pre-mainnet and off-chain systems, enabling developers to read and write data to the blockchain. On November 25, Bison Trails' co-founder and CTO Aaron Henshaw announced that,

Libra QT offers fully-managed, dedicated, and highly resilient Libra read/write nodes and supporting systems without the hassle and expense of running them in-house. Libra QT is a core part of our product offering for the Libra ecosystem. It allows people building on top of Libra to securely and easily integrate their exchanges and wallets, and build new and exciting applications.”

Bison Trails’ QT protocol will enable developers to create wallets, exchanges and other digital asset products on Libra's pre-mainnet. Libra QT also facilitates payment processing, transactions audits and advanced applications such as the authoring of a smart contract and market-making.

Anti-crypto activist David Gerard recently had a discussion on Libra, he is the author of "Libra Shrugged", and he outlined the great challenge global "Libra-ization" expansion that regulators can't ignore.

He commented,

It’s like dollarization, which is the word for when a country’s economy is totally overtaken by US dollars...Libra-ization could happen the same way — that would be quite bad, because while the US dollar is maintained by the Federal Reserve for US interests...there is some sort of public service aspect to dollarization.”

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