Bit2Me launches a new high liquidity cryptocurrency trading platform

Bit2Me launches a new high liquidity cryptocurrency trading platform

The Spanish cryptocurrency platform Bit2Me recently launched Bit2Me Trade, a high-frequency cryptocurrency trading platform. It is integrated into the Bit2Me service Suite, which includes more than 50 cryptocurrencies and a broad range of resources. This means registered users can immediately access the tool, make trades, and manage their existing cryptocurrencies and money from the Bit2Me wallet.

Beginners and traders of all skill levels can use Bit2Me Trade. It is a high-frequency bitcoin and altcoin trading platform that provides high liquidity with a minimum spread on trades. It has only just launched, and its current functionality is for the Bitcoin EUR Market. But the service will be expanded over the coming months to include new pairs of major cryptocurrencies.

Koh Onozawa, VP of Expansion and Partner at Bit2Me, explains, “The platform is set to expand and can manage hundreds of millions of Euros 24/7. There is a highly intuitive, configurable panel with over 100 technical analysis indicators, the ability to look at the last 24 hours’ statistics and many other features. It is easy to use yet has an incredible number of features to help traders make optimal decisions.”

The main Bit2Me platform’s offerings have proved appealing to those new to cryptocurrencies and has consequently seen an almost 400% growth in registrations over the past year. Already a leader in the sector, the platform, with its growing Suite and range of facilities on offer, continues to grow in step with demand.  

Onozawa adds, “Bit2Me Trade expands on the already impressive and popular offerings of the Bit2Me platform and its Suite. It allows for high-liquidity trading 24 hours a day and comes with a customer service system reachable by phone, chat, or email in nine languages. Like other offerings in the Bit2Me Suite, it can be used by inexperienced or highly-experienced users.”

The Bit2Me ecosystem and service Suite incorporates over 20 solutions to buy, manage and sell cryptocurrencies in one place. With built-in security and its own wallet, it is an easy and safe platform on which to trade, which explains all the new registrations. To help the vast numbers of newcomers, there is also the highly popular Bit2Me Academy that trains over 1.7 million students a year.

Onozawa explains how the new tool will fit with other offerings. “The Bit2Me Wallet addresses the needs of our more inexperienced clients. With OTC we can offer large operations to institutions. Now, we can close the circle with Bit2Me Trade and address more professional users and traders.”

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