Bitcoin and cryptos to be taught in Georgian schools

Bitcoin and cryptos to be taught in Georgian schools

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have scored another major win. A bill calling for the addition of Bitcoin and blockchain studies to the curriculum of high school students has been passed in the State of Georgia.

In a move to allow students to obtain a well-rounded financial education, the Georgia House of Reps now demands that state education schools incorporate cryptocurrency learning in classes.

The bill, which was sponsored by six Republican candidates, was passed early last week. It has now moved to the Senate for further consideration. If it scales through, then the students from tenth grade will have to go through the program, which features 16 different areas in financial literacy.

In addition to traditional aspects like balancing cheque books, investments, loans, and tax assessments, the prescribed study areas mention digital assets.

Although it is still unclear the extent to which the classes will go in educating students about cryptocurrencies, the move is a major win for the industry, signaling a move towards mass adoption.

Bitcoin and digital assets are undoubtedly going mainstream. BTC PEERS reported yesterday how a French lawmaker has signed a petition urging officials to allow the Bank of France to buy cryptocurrencies.

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