Bitcoin-Based Foundation Partners with Satoshibles on NFT Collection

Bitcoin-Based Foundation Partners with Satoshibles on NFT Collection
Photo by André François McKenzie / Unsplash

The Built With Bitcoin Foundation has continually demonstrated its devotion towards providing equitable opportunities within the community, such as offering clean water, sustainable farming, access to standard education, and other charitable support, all provided through cryptocurrencies.

The partnership is devoted to creating Built With NFT, an NFT collection geared towards driving hundreds of Ethereum towards charitable endeavors. The NFT collections would be powered by artworks obtained from students at the different Built With Bitcoin Foundation campuses spread across Africa, especially in Nigeria, Rwanda, and Kenya. After that, 10,000 distinct NFTs will be put up for sale from these artworks, with the proceeds going to the foundation’s goal of constructing new schools and communities across the world, with the next projects set to be executed in West Africa and Central America in 2022.

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Presently, the foundation has been able to construct six schools; two in Rwanda, two in Nigeria, and two in Kenya. It has also carried out ten different water projects and constructed several farms. The goal of the Build With Bitcoin Foundation is to establish 100 schools and communities by the year 2030.

Satoshibles has so far given ten ETHs to the foundation to commence Phase 1 of their project, which includes; a water well, computer lab, laptops, solar system, landscaping, and fending at the site of two present nursery and primary schools at Kaduna State, Nigeria, that serves a community of more than 2,000 individuals.

According to the executive director of Built With Bitcoin Foundation, Ray Youssef, the foundation believes that with finance, clean water, and quality education, people can be able to live the life they desire. As such, by launching the foundation, they hope to “ignite the passion for giving back within while reshaping how the world views crypto.”

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