Bitcoin comes to Counter-Strike following Lightning Network integration

Thanks to bitcoin-focused gaming developer, ZEBEDEE, Counter-Strike players may now be able to earn bitcoins for just gaming. Their latest lightning network integration will allow players to bet bitcoin and earn sats for each kill.

This is such a big deal because Counter-Strike: Global Offensive attracts over 20 million active players every month. The incentivized setup will undoubtedly expose more players to Bitcoin.

While demonstrating the latest Infuse app on a Twitch video, co-founder of ZEBEDEE Moss said:

There is a lot of low hanging fruit to simply add Bitcoin to existing games [...] Even if we convert 1% of [online Counter-Strike players] into Bitcoin and Lightning, that will be the most successful blockchain app ever.

Moving forward, players can make bitcoin payments via the lightning network to Counter-Strike servers that operate through Infuse. The app will pool entry fees in bitcoin from each gamer. This will then be distributed to the players based on the number of kills at the end of the session.

The application is currently in its test phase on private servers. Plans are however on the way to launch public servers in the first quarter of 2021.

Bitcoin and digital assets, in general, are growing to become rather interesting subjects in recent times. With institutional players entering the space, the future of the industry looks promising.

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