Bitcoin Documentaries on Netflix: Exploring Crypto On The Big Screen

While no bitcoin-focused documentaries currently stream on Netflix, the platform offers crypto-related titles like Banking on Bitcoin, Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain, and Inside Job covering finance and technology topics relevant to understanding bitcoin.

Let's Dive Deeper into the Topic

As the original and most widely-known cryptocurrency, bitcoin has inspired no shortage of documentary films seeking to explore its origins, technology, and impact on economics and society. Major streaming services like Netflix offer some crypto-themed titles, but have yet to add a definitive bitcoin documentary to their libraries.

This guide will survey bitcoin and blockchain documentaries currently available on Netflix for interested viewers to gain a foundational understanding of crypto topics through the power of film. Let's examine how Netflix documentaries like Banking on Bitcoin, Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain, and others provide an introductory window into the world of bitcoin and digital assets.

Why Are Bitcoin Documentaries Worth Watching?

Before diving into Netflix offerings specifically, let’s review why informative documentaries can provide value to those looking to learn about bitcoin:

  • Condense complex topics - Documentaries distill technical concepts through analogies, animations, and expert perspectives.
  • Offer historical context - Learning bitcoin’s origins informs today’s landscape.
  • Provide engaging narratives - Films frame topics in an engaging, accessible way by highlighting intriguing personalities and stories.
  • Include primary footage/interviews - Watching early Bitcoin contributors speak candidly offers authentic insight.
  • Spark further interest - Unique footage and commentary inspire viewers to explore subjects further through books, podcasts, and online communities.

While not exhaustive educational resources, documentaries represent an approachable starting point for discovering bitcoin’s world. Now let’s survey thought-provoking crypto titles currently on Netflix.

“Crypto documentaries capture the excitement and drama of this world-changing technology.” - Bitcoin Enthusiast

Overview of Bitcoin and Blockchain Titles on Netflix

While Netflix currently lacks documentaries focused solely on Bitcoin, several complementary titles offer foundations in blockchain, finance, and economic technologies:

Banking on Bitcoin (2016) - Traces Bitcoin's ideological origins and early adopters. Provides introductory grounding through interviews with developers, investors, and executives.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2020) - Explores blockchain's potential from leaders in finance, technology, and social justice. Highlights non-financial applications.

Inside Job (2010) - Critically analyzes systemic corruption that fueled the late-2000s financial crisis relevant to understanding Bitcoin’s origins.

The Wall Street Code (2013) - Focuses on high-frequency trading and secret algorithms running global finance, driving interest in blockchain transparency.

The Social Dilemma (2020) - Examines threats of social media's business models and AI systems, complementing blockchain's data ethics angle.

The China Hustle (2017) - Documents Wall Street greed and market manipulation in China, highlighting the need for the transparency that blockchain may enable.

While not pure bitcoin documentaries, absorbing these peripheral titles helps construct a foundational knowledge base, providing context to better understand crypto-assets.

Notable Bitcoin Documentaries Beyond Netflix

Beyond current Netflix offerings, many standout full-length bitcoin documentaries exist outside the platform, including:

  • Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble - An intimate portrait of miners and developers passionate about bitcoin's potential.
  • The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin - One of the first films to comprehensively cover Bitcoin's ideological origins through interviews with early adopters.
  • Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution - Captures Bitcoin's social movement aspects through a boots-on-the-ground lens.
  • Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet - A sweeping overview of crypto ideals framed in contrast to current systemic deficiencies.
  • Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It - Traces the history of money to contextualize how bitcoin represents the beginning of a new era.

As Netflix expands its crypto content, hopefully these incisive standalone bitcoin documentaries find a home on the streaming giant. For now, pieces of bitcoin's story appear in tangentially related titles.

Which is Right For You?

With documentary films ranging from broad monetary histories to specific bitcoin-focused narratives, choosing what to watch depends on your level of preexisting knowledge:

  • Complete beginners may prefer Trust Machine or Banking on Bitcoin as an introduction before diving into the more technical bitcoin films.
  • Viewers already familiar with blockchain basics can absorb Inside Job for financial context, augmenting crypto understanding.
  • Those already well-versed likely gain more from standalone bitcoin documentaries expanding on origins and technical intricacies.

No one film provides a complete picture, but combining titles helps form a mosaic capturing bitcoin's multi-faceted emergence and the problems it aims to solve. An open and curious mindset while viewing unveils the most insights.


Documentaries offer an impactful medium for learning about bitcoin and blockchain technology through immersive narratives capturing the excitement and complexity of this world-changing innovation. While Netflix currently lacks definitive bitcoin titles, its selection of peripheral finance and technology titles supply foundational knowledge to enable a deeper exploration of crypto. Pairing Netflix viewing with standalone bitcoin documentaries unlocks a comprehensive film-based introduction to the genesis of cryptocurrency and its surrounding social movements.

So grab your popcorn, fire up your screens, and get ready to dive into the cinematic world of bitcoin. The stories that emerge educate both the mind and the spirit, priming viewers to become active participants in birthing the future of money.

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