Bitcoin has gone parabolic, expect massive price actions says legend trader Peter Brandt

When it comes to the price of digital assets, most “so-called” price predictions and technical analysis are just speculations. For instance, no one predicted the massive demand from institutional investors. However, it is happening. In 2018, Peter Brandt became famous for correctly predicting the collapse of Bitcoin in January 2018. He stated that the digital asset was violating a parabolic advance and could correct by 80%.

The crypto legend is back to say that Bitcoin has gone parabolic again. But this time, the signs are pointing to a price of over $48,000 by January.

Whilst Brandt believes that a correction could happen at any time and violate the curve, he doesn’t see a long-term bear market.

When asked about where the correction would come from since institutional players are actively buying Bitcoin, Brandt said that a possible “tax selling in [the] U.S. after Jan 1” could be a trigger. He was also quick to label altcoins as “junk coins.”

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