Bitcoin investor funds Greens forthcoming election

Bitcoin investor funds Greens forthcoming election

Moritz Schmidt, a German software developer, has made headlines this week after donating $1.2 million (€1 million) to the Green Party.

Schmidt who made an enormous fortune from Bitcoin, this week, gave the Green Party arguably one of the largest political donations in the history of the country, in the hopes that it will win the September 2021 Elections and maybe, ban the digital currency.

Speaking to reporters via email, the 39-year-old disclosed that he has amassed a huge fortune from the Bitcoin bubble after buying a few of the digital currency a couple of years back.

Moritz Schmidt like other Bitcoin millionaires bought a few thousand Euros worth of the crypto asset back in 2011 and sold them off for a whopping €2 million. The millionaire further revealed that up until 2017, he was unaware of the massive energy Bitcoin mining consumes.

Albeit cautious of the Green Party’s prospects of winning the upcoming election after topping all polls and ratings, the software developer decided to fund their campaign instead of simply donating to an environmental organization. Speaking on this, Schmidt revealed that funding an environmentally-themed party like Greens will have a bigger impact than any organization.

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