Bitcoin Latinum Sets To Be Listed on and BitMart Exchanges For Immediate Trading

Bitcoin Latinum Sets To Be Listed on and BitMart Exchanges For Immediate Trading
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Bitcoin Latinum is expanding its availability and access on a broader scale with two more exchange listings. Every crypto project launching its coin to capture the attention of a global audience needs top-tier crypto exchanges. A crypto-asset cannot expand its global reach without first capturing digital currency share on most of the leading exchanges.

To achieve its goal of reaching a global audience, Bitcoin Latinum has continued on its quest to get listed on major crypto exchanges. They have finalized plans to be listed on the and crypto exchanges by the end of 2021. This will be the third  and fourth major exchanges to list the LTNM crypto asset on their platform.

Overview of Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM)

Bitcoin Latinum is a next-generation cryptocurrency that is built on the Bitcoin blockchain protocol. It is insured and asset-backed, developed by the Monsoon Blockchain Corporation. Bitcoin Latinum is a fork of Bitcoin that is created to be greener, faster, and offer more security. LTNM can manage huge crypto transactions and remain highly efficient when it comes to cost and scalability. As a disruptive and revolutionary new Bitcoin protocol-powered crypto coin, Bitcoin Latinum focuses on disrupting high-growth markets like gaming, telecommunication, cloud computing, and media.

When the Bitcoin Latinum was created, it was infused with five core elements that make the network scalable and sustainable. These core elements are as follows:

  • Future-enablement
  • Security and insurance
  • Energy-efficient consensus algorithm
  • Community-based
  • Faster transaction and lower latency network

To improve its energy usage concerns, Bitcoin Latinum uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. This not only helps the network increase its transaction per second (TPS) rate but also significantly minimizes the fee. Unlike most crypto coins already available today, LTNM is backed by real-world assets, digital assets and is insured. The asset backing is held in a fund model in order to ensure that the base asset value increases over time. LTNM accelerates the growth of the asset-backed funds by depositing 80% of the transaction fee back into the asset fund that backs the coin. Therefore, the more Bitcoin Latinum is adopted, the faster its asset funds will grow. This model creates a self-inflating cryptocurrency. By listing on the exchange, the Bitcoin Latinum Foundation shows that they are committed to growing a sustainable crypto ecosystem. Since it was founded in 2018 in Seychelles, has had over 3 million registered users on its exchange, with more than 300,000 weekly active users.

Listing On Crypto Exchange

The Bitcoin Latinum cryptocurrency will be listed on in November 2021 as it seeks to expand its global reach. is a top-tier crypto exchange and will greatly help the team behind LTNM achieve its goal of making the crypto asset available and accessible on a global scale. Once listed on the exchange, LTNM will be available for trading with only the BTC and USDT pairs.

When asked about the upcoming Bitcoin Latinum’s listing on, Weber Woo, the CEO of, said, “We appreciate choosing as the company’s third listing crypto exchange. We are excited to launch LTNM in, the greener and faster Bitcoin with Proof-of-Stake consensus.”

While also responding to questions about the upcoming listing, Dr. Donald Basile, the founder of Bitcoin Latinum and CEO of Monson Blockchain Foundation, said, “We are very excited about selecting as our next exchange on our plan to list on most of the major exchanges around the world. This is a milestone event in the history of Bitcoin Latinum and the beginning of an exciting journey to revolutionizing digital transactions. In the next few months, we will continue to reach wider audiences and improve the acceptance of digital assets across the world.

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