Bitcoin Ordinals Can Now Be Stored on MetaMask

Bitcoin Ordinals Can Now Be Stored on MetaMask
Bitcoin Ordinals Can Now Be Stored on MetaMask

MetaMask has added a new feature allowing users to store their ordinals with just a few clicks conveniently. With over 30 million users, this update makes it easy to create an ordinal wallet and securely save valuable ordinals. Additionally, developers can now use the "ordinal-gate" feature to restrict access to certain discords exclusively to holders of specific ordinals. This provides an extra layer of security and exclusivity for those who own these unique digital assets.

This solution is 100% open-source, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness for all users. With MetaMask's latest update, managing and protecting your ordinals is easier and more accessible.

How To Store Your Ordinals in MetaMask

Step 1: Connecting MetaMask to Generative

Once you connect MetaMask to Generative, Generative will prompt you to sign a message. Signing this message will generate your Bitcoin Taproot key essential for any transactions you make. It's a simple but essential step in the process, ensuring that you have complete control over your digital assets and that all transactions are secure and legitimate.

Step 2: Signing the Message
Generative sends the message to the MetaMask provider within the user's browser to sign the message and generate the necessary signature. Using the eth_personalSign method, the user can sign the message themselves.

This generates a unique signature linked to both the message and the user's Ethereum wallet, ensuring that all transactions are appropriately authorized and authenticated.

Step 3: Seed Generation
After the user signs the message using the eth_personalSign method, the next step is to generate the seed required to access their Bitcoin wallet.

Step 4: Generate the master key
This is done using a hierarchical deterministic algorithm that is defined in BIP32. By following this algorithm, Generative can create a secure and unique master private key for each user.

Step 5: Creating A Bitcoin Taproot wallet
Using the derived master private key and the Taproot default derivation path, Generative can create a Bitcoin Taproot wallet for each user. This wallet is generated using a secure and reliable process that ensures each user has a unique and personalized wallet tailored to their needs.

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