Bitcoin Ordinals NFT Trading Volume Plummets 98% Since May Peak

Non-fungible token (NFT) trading activity on the Bitcoin blockchain has fallen dramatically since reaching all-time highs this spring.

According to data from DappRadar, an NFT analytics platform, the total trading volume for Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs has plunged around 98% from $452 million in May to just $3 million as of August 14. The number of transactions has also declined 97% over the same period to only 20,571 in mid-August.

A Troubling Trend for Bitcoin-Based NFTs

This steep decline in both sales volume and transaction count within such a short timeframe is alarming for the future of Bitcoin Ordinals and Bitcoin-based NFTs in general. The falling transaction numbers suggest waning enthusiasm and engagement with Bitcoin NFTs, raising concerns about the sector's longevity and relevance.

While some fluctuations in sales can be attributed to broader crypto market dynamics, the consistent drop in user activity points to more systemic issues. DappRadar describes this as a "grim scenario" for the Ordinals market, but notes more time is required to determine if it is a temporary setback or a deeper problem.

Divisions Within the Bitcoin Community

One potential factor is disagreement within the Bitcoin community about whether NFTs belong on the network. Some supporters see Bitcoin purely as "digital gold" best suited for storing value. In contrast, platforms like Ethereum are often described as "digital oil" powering a whole digital economy, including NFTs.

If Bitcoin fails to solidify a niche in the evolving NFT space, it risks reverting to a solely store-of-value function. The coming months will prove crucial in determining if Bitcoin NFTs can gain a lasting foothold or fade away.

Other Warning Signs in the NFT Market

The Bitcoin Ordinals decline also comes amid a broader NFT market cooldown in 2022. DappRadar reported a significant decrease in overall NFT trading volumes and active wallets in Q2 across platforms.

While still a top NFT blockchain in terms of sales, Ethereum has also seen volume drop nearly 50% since May. This suggests the Bitcoin NFT slump may be part of larger trendlines in the crypto and NFT industry rather than an isolated issue.

Does This Spell the End of Bitcoin NFTs?

The troubling user activity metrics raise serious questions about the viability of NFTs on Bitcoin over the long term. However, the market is still relatively young and nascent. More time is required before writing off Bitcoin NFTs completely.

Other blockchain networks also took time to gain traction in the NFT space. There remains a chance Bitcoin could eventually carve out a niche appealing to its libertarian-minded user base or leverage its brand recognition to drive adoption.

Much depends on whether the community can unite behind a shared vision for Bitcoin's future role in digital assets and Web3. For now, the data paints a grim picture. But there remains an opportunity for Bitcoin to recapture investor enthusiasm if its unique value proposition as an NFT platform can be better articulated.

Can Declining Interest in Bitcoin NFTs Be Reversed?

The precipitous decline in Bitcoin Ordinals activity raises doubts about the platform's viability. However, there may be steps that could reboot interest and engagement if the proper conditions align.

More marketing and influencer partnerships could help raise awareness and drive user numbers back up. Integrations with social platforms like Twitter could also allow sharing NFT purchases to a wider audience.

Lowering minting and transaction fees could remove friction points for creators and traders. And focusing on exclusive utility or rewards for holding certain NFTs may entice buyers.

Of course, the crypto bear market and macroeconomic uncertainty continue to drag on NFT demand. For Bitcoin NFTs to make a comeback, the overall sector likely needs to stabilize and recover first.

But if crypto eventually exits its slump, targeted improvements and promotions could return Bitcoin to growth in the NFT arena. The odds seem long currently, but a revival isn't outside the realm of possibility.


The dramatic decline in Bitcoin Ordinals activity highlights serious market risks for NFTs on Bitcoin. Disagreement within the community, coupled with flagging user interest, paints a troubling picture of the sector's health.

However, it remains too early to forecast Bitcoin NFTs’ long-term trajectory. With targeted improvements and a recovery in the broader crypto market, there is still a path for Bitcoin to carve out a niche. But significant obstacles exist, and reversing the negative momentum will require urgent action and aligned vision from Bitcoin supporters.

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