temporarily shuts down following scam attack temporarily shuts down following scam attack

One of the first Bitcoin websites,, has suffered a security breach and has gone offline for the time being.'s anonymous curator Cobra announced on Thursday that the site had been compromised, with the attackers managing to post a scam notice on the website.

“Looks like got hacked and the entire site replaced with a scam asking for free Bitcoin. Do not send funds to that address,” said a Twitter postby Bitcoin developer Matt Corallo.

The website was temporarily disabled by Namecheap following a query from Corallo, and according to Cobra, the website "may be down for a few days."

Just before went offline, users reported a typical fake giveaway announcement on the website. The scammers had already managed to trick users into sending $17,000 to their address.

Shortly after disabling the site, Cobra revealed that the hackers took advantage of a flaw in the DNS, assuring that the site’s Cloudflare accounts and servers were unaffected by the attack.

Interestingly, the incident is not the first of its kind. previously suffered a DDoS attack in July. The July attack came a week after a UK court ordered the website to stop hosting Bitcoin white paper, a ruling that favored self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto and BSV proponent Craig Wright.

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