Bitcoin to the moon, “The Simpsons” episode predicts

Bitcoin to the moon, “The Simpsons” episode predicts

Whether it is just the rave of the moment or a bubble that has been waiting to burst for the past twelve years, Bitcoin’s popularity is no longer in question. The flagship cryptocurrency has received endorsements from several institutional players, with some key players predicting that the asset would eclipse gold.

The Simpsons, the longest-running scripted TV show in history has once again featured Bitcoin in one of its episodes. This time around, the scriptwriters have decided to drop a price prediction suggesting that Bitcoin could rise to infinity.

Bitcoin appeared on the 18thepisode in Season 32 – “Burger Kings.” The most recent episode aired on Fox on April 11. The opening scene features Mr. Burns eating too many hamburgers until he almost dies. He then comes up with the unique idea of selling burgers made of exotic plants to extend people’s lives and make them love him more.

Mr. Burns founded a new company, X-Cell-Ent Burge, which hires Homer Simpson to film commercials. On the flip side, Marge was speculating stock prices in order to buy her husband a pair of new pants.

On one of the scenes, you could see a new ticker that featured the price of Bitcoin and other stocks, including GameStop (GME), USA, and FOX. The Simpsons may have thrown a jab at GME stock. The price of the asset added one trillion and immediately lost two trillion, arguably referencing the GameStop saga early this year.

An endorsement from The Simpsons, just another prediction, or a sneak peek into the future?

Last February, cryptocurrencies and blockchain made an appearance on The Simpsons. Jim Parsons of the Big Bang Theory also gave an in-depth explanation about the technology.

The idea of Bitcoin rising to phenomenal highs easily sits well with industry players such as MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor and Kraken CEO Jesse Powell. According to them, there is no top to Bitcoin’s rise. These investors have hyped Bitcoin above gold and even the US dollar.

Some members of the Bitcoin community have taken the feature as a sneak peek into what is to come, considering The Simpsons unnervingly prescient predictions.

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