BitOrbit is now Trading at 155x Following a Sub-1 Minute IDO Sellout

BitOrbit is now Trading at 155x Following a Sub-1 Minute IDO Sellout
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Built for influencers who want to generate revenue from their content, BitOrbit, a Velas-powered project, has recently concluded its IDO. With a supply of 23 million and a public price of $0.007, BitOrbit becomes the first project on the Velas blockchain to sell out its IDO in minutes.

While the value of most tokens would experience a steep decline right after a successful public sale, it is surprising to note that the BitOrbit token is currently trading at a 155x return, showing signs of a solid project ready to compete tooth and nail with the 13,500 actively trading digital assets in the market.

BlueZilla - Expertise and Network

Incubated by BlueZilla VC, this Initial DEX Offering was bound to be a success. Like other projects supported and aided by BlueZilla, BitOrbit leverages the VC’s in-house developers, marketers, traders, and influencers to complete the fastest IDO on the Velas blockchain. Joining names like WagyuSwap, BSCPad, ETHPad, GameZone, and even the launchpad that BitOrbit was launched via, VelasPad, BlueZilla’s projects have seen between 50x to 250x following IDO.With WagyuSwap trading at over $2.50, ROIs of 1000x or more are not out of the question - with all of the above in perspective, it feels like the perfect time for BitOrbit.

Facebook - The Giant will Fall

The Velas-powered Social Media Platform is offering real-time value while dispelling a major sticking point — data and privacy breaches. With Facebook, the parent company of the largest social media platform of the same name attempting to rebrand into Meta, as revealed by the Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, the real issue is not the metaverse or a 3D virtual world but privacy.

Alongside this, the infamous Cambridge Analytica saga which saw the personal information of over 87 million users shared inappropriately. Coupled with the incessant talks of data breach by the company, BitOrbit, albeit nascent, is seeking to capitalize on this colossal flaw by integrating strong systems that will eliminate data and privacy breach of any kind, building a future-proof ecosystem bypassing the flaws of the traditional social media giants.

The Velas Blockchain — a Moonshot Ready to Overtake Solana

One of the fundamental or stand-out features of this DEX is how it utilizes the Velas blockchain to its full potential. A fork of the advanced Solana blockchain, Velas does not only take the code but it introduces major improvements and systems to the existing codebase. Dubbed Solana V2, thanks to its unprecedented transaction processing speed of up to 75,000 transactions per second [TPS] against Solana’s 50,000 TPS. Additionally, this emerging blockchain guarantees lower transaction costs which help boost the overall efficiency of the network.

Supporting Solidity and EVM compatibility, Velas is simplifying cross-chain and porting of projects for developers. Currently in the Top 250 coins category, Velas and its native token, VLX, have shown significant growth. Besides all of these inherent features, the Velas team brings more value to the ecosystem by setting up a Grant Program which initially was set at $5M but has been upped to $100M, as reported by CoinTelegraph.

A second value-offering facet of this advanced blockchain is the development of Velaspad; a launchpad for all projects on the ecosystem. Akin to other launchpads, Velaspad will offer marketing, and legal support to emerging projects, setting them on the right path. Currently backed by BlueZilla VC, its native token, VLXPAD, has experienced an exponential price rise, indicating a strong interest in this project.

With this successful IDO completed, trading of BitOrbit is predicted to continue to skyrocket, mainly because of its real-world benefit to content creators and influencers keen on generating revenue from their large social media following. Taking advantage of Facebook’s major flaw, BitOrbit could be the crypto-related project to take down Facebook by offering a stronger security system second to none.

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