BlockApps partners with Bayer to launch new Ethereum-based network

Leading blockchain solutions provider BlockApps recently announced its launch of a blockchain-powered network called "TraceHarvest"in partnership with German pharmaceutical giant Bayer. Bayer will take up the development role for the network. The business has proven experience with its subsidiary Bayer Crop Science, contributing to the network's growth. It has been monitoring soybean and maize yields and many other crops over the past two years.

TraceHarvest’s mission is to provide solutions for transparency and efficiency throughout the agricultural supply chain. The new Ethereum-based network enables users to track the lifespan of agricultural goods commencing from the origin of seeds, all the way to identifying the roles of each party supply chain members. Users can also approach real-time information, ideally minimize issues regarding manually monitoring crops.

Any workers in the supply chain, including farmers, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers of technology, can participate in the network and get the opportunity to earn additional revenue. In addition to crop monitoring, the platform also heads to protect the environment and customers, such as carbon reduction loans and food safety reminders. Furthermore the enterprise expects that scientists will use the data on the platform to enhance the sustainability of the food supply chain.

Speaking about the launch, BlockApps President and CEO, Kieren James-Lubin stated,

Blockchain technology is already revolutionizing the agricultural industry and, thanks to our partnership with Bayer, we are pioneers in this area. Together we have succeeded in making this concept a reality.”

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