Blockchain Company, Blockcities, Partners With Agricultural Enterprises As It Sets to Bring Radical Changes to the Industry

Blockchain Company, Blockcities, Partners With Agricultural Enterprises As It Sets to Bring Radical Changes to the Industry
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One of the leading blockchain companies with a focus on sustainable living, Blockcities, in a recent report, has partnered with two advanced and international agricultural enterprises; Simply Natural Farms and AgVisors. According to the company, this consortium will foster radical changes in the $3.4 trillion industry.

With agriculture capable of increasing income and food security for over 80% of the world's poor, as reported by World Bank, it has become an industry to look out for. Through this recent partnership, Simply Natural Farms, a multinational vertically integrated agricultural enterprise, will offer fractionalized plantations with professional management via the Blockcities ecosystem. Together, this blockchain company and Simply Natural Farms will attempt to bring fractional agriculture to the masses.

The Blockcities Ecosystem

Built to be a game-changer in the move towards sustainable living, Blockcities is introducing a set of unprecedented features, some of which include the capacity to buy fractional ownership in physical assets, powered by the immutable and transparent blockchain technology.

As mentioned, Blockcities has integrated a set of new features that are capable of disrupting the current market. The real estate investment protocol, according to the team, will tokenize shares of real assets, allowing individuals to buy with low barriers to entry. This singular act allows investors, regardless of location, to diversify their investments across asset classes and geographies.

Rather than invest in a single industry or market, Blockcities, via its numerous protocols, will allow prospective investors to place money across multiple assets, mitigating risk and increasing profits. Currently, the blockchain company enables investment in three asset classes — real estate, managed agriculture, and renewable energy [expected 2022].

Leveraging Blockchain Technology

According to the World Economic Forum, it is estimated that 10% of global GDP would be stored on blockchain by 2027. Albeit a remarkable feat, blockchain technology is still at its embryonic stage. Also, the immutable and transparent technology is still very complicated to integrate. Backed with this information, Blockcities has taken center stage as the platform to simplify and make this technology easy and less complicated.

It presently takes what the technology has to offer, combining them with fractionalization of physical assets based on smart contracts. This allows the company to provide real-time visualization in the construction, rental, as well as management of assets, as stated by the website.

In addition to partnering with AgVisors and Simply Natural Farms, two international enterprises, Blockcities is also in guild with some of the world's leading housing manufacturers with the intent of providing sustainable housing solutions that can be precast and delivered ready-to-use on site.

According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of constructing a house is currently between $126,000 to over $450,000, a significant increase from what it was a couple of years back. This and the rising costs of real estate investments have, unfortunately, reduced profits for investors. Blockcities, through its many protocols and sustainable living partnerships, will offer prefab or modular construction as a solution to the growing problem.

Modular construction as we all know allows property owners to convert their backyards or other areas of their homes to an income stream. In addition to increasing ROI annually, modular construction has been identified to be eco-friendly [reduces up to 80% waste production], cost-effective, and faster to build.

A user-centric blockchain company, Blockcities is offering users the opportunity to vote for the best designs in housing and other aspects of the platform. Additionally, its programmable escrow will allow users to lock up funds using its unparalleled milestone-based smart contracts.

With tokenization ushering in a new era of real estate as reported by BTC Peers, Blockcities is keen on being a pioneer in this market.

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