Blockchain project joins AI cloud computing market competition, breaks the giant monopoly

Blockchain project joins AI cloud computing market competition, breaks the giant monopoly

AI has become the keyword in the future of technology. Computing power has been described as the "engine" that underpins the development of AI, with the most advanced AI models doubling in computational volume every three to four months, according to AI research organization OpenAI.

How do we meet AI's ever-expanding computing needs? What is the trend of AI computing power development?

At present, the world's largest AI and Cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud AI Platform, and other giants are involved. Countries in North America, Europe, and Asia also take AI and related applications as national strategies and new infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud AI Platform are both used in production environments, ranging from Cloud storage of data to machine learning projects that help customers with AI computing power.

With the continuous upgrade of the Internet of Things, WEB3.0, and network bandwidth, the market will continue to increase. Each Internet giant also gradually improves the overall architecture of AI cloud computing based on the past cloud storage technology.


Artificial intelligence has brought innovation vitality to all walks of life. As a technology output window, cloud computing has promoted the digitalization and intelligent transformation of the whole society. Among them, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and other technology giants are not only the global intelligent promoters but also the beneficiaries of industrial intelligent dividends. Under the trend of global digitalization, the cloud service scale of the three cloud giants is expanding day by day, which makes the capital market climb higher and higher, the market value continuously hits a new record high, and gradually forms the industry monopoly.

With the acceleration of digital and intelligent transformation in all industries, enterprises' spending on cloud infrastructure services will continue to grow strongly. With the support of AI cloud computing and cloud storage, amazon and Google are also expected to enter the $2 trillion club in the future after Microsoft's market value broke through the $2 trillion marks. As of now, Amazon is valued at $1.83 trillion, while Google is valued at $1.81 trillion.

At present, the global blockchain industry is also entering rapidly. In the past period, the blockchain project IPFS has rapidly completed the layout of cloud storage services and reached a market value of $7.42 billion.

SP4C3 Network, recently promoted in Europe by Ethereum Network members and related partners, combines storage with AI cloud computing to provide data storage, analytics, and computing support for financial and non-financial applications.

According to the project introduction and related document description we have seen so far, SP4C3 Network has a perfect architecture and application scenarios that can be quickly implemented.

As a breakthrough point in AI cloud computing power, SP4C3 Network can quickly enter the market. We know that the Google AI Platform is currently suitable for product deployment or intensive training. Since it is a paid service, many enterprise users and researchers try to avoid unnecessary use. In the early stage of model design, mistakes are often made, and the use of payment at this time will cause a relatively large waste, leading to the early model design being completed locally, and greatly reducing efficiency. It is believed that in the future, blockchain service providers like SP4C3 Network will greatly reduce the use cost of computing power pool, helping more products to quickly complete AI training and complete deployment.

At present, the data cloud storage cost of IPFS is extremely low. According to inter-networking information, SP4C3 Network will access more AI computing power providers and form a corresponding AI computing power pool, so the corresponding computing power and storage rental cost will be far lower than that of traditional Internet giants. SP4C3 Network can be divided into a financial level private cloud and public cloud supporting public services, which can not only ensure data security but also provide diversified support for non-financial applications.

No matter enterprises or scientific research institutions will have more choices in different service types and service providers, and gradually break the monopoly of cloud storage and AI cloud computing.

Ethereum Network is built as a decentralized CPU architecture, and we believe that blockchain projects like SP4C3 Network can better fill the gap of Ethereum Network in AI computing power, storage, and related applications.

As the enterprise IT architecture continues to shift to the cloud architecture, the speed of AIization and digitalization with cloud as the core is accelerating, bringing dynamic development of the global AI cloud service market. Enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services rose 35% to $130 billion in 2020, according to Synergy Research, which released reports early. The report also notes that PaaS, particularly databases, the Internet of Things, and analytics, are the major areas with the highest growth rates in the $130 billion market for cloud infrastructure services over the past decade. It can be said that the core of cloud service vendors' competition in the cloud service market lies in abundant cloud applications and reasonable prices.

Blockchain projects such as SP4C3 Network continue to operate according to their plans and believe that the valuation will quickly exceed $1 billion in the initial phase of the project and grow rapidly as the project and the industry grows.

Global AI in full swing, from all walks of life through the deployment of sensors, the Internet of things, can get more data, in the edge of the intelligence, the cloud using AI technology to multiple data intelligent analysis combined with different algorithms, enables rapid innovation and transformation, promote cloud services will become more and more mainstream in the future, as the infrastructure is everywhere. And AI cloud service vendors are the forces behind the implementation of AI cloud computing power. We will also see the emergence and rise of more emerging AI cloud service providers like SP4C3 Network.

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