Blue Hill Foundation Allocated all its Tokens Between its Partners

Blue Hill Foundation Allocated all its Tokens Between its Partners

The Blue Hill Foundation has achieved its objectives and has achieved its mission towards the Blue Hill Mining project. He has not only carried out what was proposed and required but has left a large potential business in the project, a fully placed token with 4 mines supporting it, a solid corporate structure and a qualified team at hand.

The mission of the Blue Hill Foundation was not easy, and the road it traveled had great challenges. Beginning with the adventure, the ultimate goal was to explore and exploit the Blue Hill Mine with licenses XV-14307, XV-14308 to bring the mine to an international standard of value and then place it in the Toronto stock market (Specialized in mining).

This giant task involved a great cost and an important logistic and economic effort, without having a knowledge of the market and the industry at the height of the challenge. For this reason and under a professional criterion, it is that Blue Hill Foundation assembled a frontline team to develop the project and reached partnership agreements with companies in the sector to assist in the task.

By reaching a collaboration agreement with GWE, he obtained strategic knowhow and constant active advice and consulting on an unorthodox but highly effective and attractive financing method: tokenization. It was here that the Blue Hill Foundation decreed the tokenization of its assets (Blue Hill Mine) by 30% to be able to offer it publicly to anyone interested in being part of the industry and its benefits, and accompany and bet on the project and its objectives by acquiring their BHF-Tokens.

As a last novelty, GWE has once again been an important supporter and a solid project partner by having acquired all the remaining BHF-Tokens of the project in exchange for a monetary investment; This ensures not only its continuity with the project but also its solid conviction of its promise of success.

As the project progressed, the Blue Hill Foundation achieved an exceptional task that today is a basis for the project and will be so in the coming years: the creation of the Liquidity System and the Burning Program, the Liquidity System being a system of self-financing resulting from the purchase and sale of mines in financial difficulties for the subsequent injection of money in the Blue Hill Mining project.

This liquidity process was recently put under the tutelage of Swiss Asian Resources, a brand created by the Blue Hill Foundation to take over and manage this mine buying and selling activity (Liquidity System) and will subsequently serve to provide the project with the liquidity necessary to implement the Burning Program.

Now, Swiss Asian Resources has done more than manage this system, and has taken a step forward since as a brand and company it has grown under its own objectives and has reached an agreement to have a satellite scanning technology company, which has It has been a radical change for the whole project. This agreement is what allows Blue Hill Mining Project to advance exploration times and reduce their costs; as will also be done with Blue Hill Mine. The consequence of this productive agreement is it has contributed towards the drastically reduction of the initial hard-cap from 38 Million dollars to only 7 Million dollars.

As if that were not enough, Swiss Asian Resources has made its contribution to the project as a partner and partner by granting the co-ownership of 2 new mines with licenses XV-017877, XV-019281 at 0.0000001428% each one, as well as 2 mines with licenses XV-020751, XV-020817 in 0.0000001428% each that will be used for the exploration and sale of them in the future. These 4 mines are pending valuation through exploration with the new satellite scanning technology of the previously named agreement.

In exchange for the contributions of GWE and Swiss Asian Resources, it is that all BHF-Tokens have been placed through these two companies; which has resulted in, among other reasons, the reduction of the hard cap, the scope of the same, the placement of all BHF-Tokens and also the impact on the project has resulted in no more financing needed to continue, for which is not necessary to tokenize greater percentage of Blue Hill Mine of the already tokenized; and the failure to continue with the public offer of sale as there are no more tokens to offer and no need to issue more tokens.

Concluding then, the excellent news is that the necessary funding has been achieved to carry out the Blue Hill Mining project; all BHF-Tokens have been placed for private sale, the percentage of co-ownership of Blue Hill Mine for each token has been increased and 4 new mines have been added to the project for the token’s co-ownership as well; a technology that accelerates the exploratory processes and reduces costs has been acquired and a powerful and functional Liquidity System has been established that will provide the company with necessary funds.

The work of the Blue Hill Foundation has been exceptional, and it is now up to the Blue Hill Mining team to continue this success and take the project to its new final destination, including the Burning Program and the Buyback Plan.

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