BlueZilla-backed PulsePad IDO Brings a Game Changer to Smart Contracts, Sellout Anticipated

BlueZilla-backed PulsePad IDO Brings a Game Changer to Smart Contracts, Sellout Anticipated
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PulsePad (PLSPAD), a new launchpad protocol enabling cross-chain operations for the Ethereum (ETH) network via PulseChain, is preparing to launch its IDO in the coming weeks. Users can send ETH to the PulseBridge contract, which will issue an equivalent amount of PulseETH on the Pulse blockchain. Backers can also convert their Pulse to PulseETH.

How PulsePad Assists Developers

The PulseChain network aims to lower Ethereum fees by managing smart contracts in an off-chain capacity. PulseChain is also a proof-of-stake protocol and will reduce block validation times from 12 seconds to 3 seconds, which will greatly benefit projects that launch via PulsePad.

All of the assets and tokens launched via PulsePad will work with PulseChain — an Ethereum-like blockchain network for building decentralized applications (DApps). From its launch onward, PulseChain provides developers with a faster network due to the proof-of-stake validators and features an ‘ultra-efficient’ virtual machine for DApp testing. These features provide a safe, efficient space for developers to test their applications before going live. Once live, the PoS consensus lightens the load within the PulseChain, offering a long-term scalability solution with instantaneous transaction times.

Operating similarly to many proof-of-stake networks, PulseChain will have validators stake their PLS in return for rewards. Validators earn the largest cut of staking fees. The project will launch with a PulseETH/ETH trading pair and an ETHPulse/Pulse trading pair on Uniswap.

PulsePad is a deflationary launchpad, meaning that the total number of PLSPAD tokens will be lowered over time. Selling PLSPAD will incur a 10% fee, and backers who unstake their PLSPAD will also incur a penalty. All projects within the PulsePad ecosystem must commit to these deflationary rates to host an IDO, benefitting the ecosystem of token holders. By putting every developer on the same deflationary playing field, PLSPAD can remain a valuable utility token for interacting with the various assets within the launchpad - the more value in PulsePad, the more payout early investors and developers receive during a token sale.

New projects will enjoy top-tier marketing,promotional assistance and even some consulting services to stand out from competitors in return for their commitments. In addition, all successful IDO tokens will list on the PulseChain DEX, and some will even be compatible with Ethereum via the PulseBridge. These offerings are a significant boost for new developers, ensuring they’ll have an active audience of users right out of the gate.

BlueZilla’s Massive Successes

The PulsePad IDO is possible thanks to Bluezilla, an incubator responsible for various successful pads such as GameZone, ETHPad, AdaPad, and many more. Many Bluezilla-incubated projects have seen 100x, 200x, or even 300x return on investment (ROI), and the Bluezilla team usually sees a minimum 100x ROI, which is more than most startups can say.

Bluezilla’s most recent launch was the Cardano-based Astroswap decentralized exchange, providing backers with asset staking and swapping features on the Cardano blockchain. Astroswap held an IDO in early October and sold out in less than 48 hours. Early backers saw a 330x return on this DEX token purchase, with the potential to grow still present, weeks later. Most Bluezilla-supported IDOs are related to NFT and gaming platforms and a few decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Compared to other blockchain incubators, Bluezilla has a staggering success rate. The firm has everything an early project should need to grow, such as a dedicated in-house team, a global network of influencers to support marketing efforts, and even an expert legal team to manage any potential judicial issues.

A Revolutionary IDO

Following in the steps of ETHPad and its fellow projects, PulsePad aims to be the next big space for developers to build and test their DApps, while also providing an area in which they can thrive. After all, PulseChain is significantly faster and cheaper than Ethereum, and similar competitors, while also providing a deflationary asset to enhance potential value.

In a way, PulseChain is everything Ethereum tries to be, but struggles to accomplish due to its bloated network and own limitations. The HEX/Pulse community is extremely strong, with amazing support and buzz on socials and in the news. Combine this with BlueZilla's success, Crypto’s strongest bull run yet, and you have the recipe for a perfect storm. Visit the website at for more information.

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