Bored Ape #9797 Drops First NFT Music Video

Bored Ape #9797 Drops First NFT Music Video
Photo by Sepp Rutz / Unsplash

Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection is a collection of 10,000 NFTs and 20,000 mutant apes with programmatically generated traits on Ethereum created by Yuga Labs. Bored Ape #9797, popularly referred to as Jimbo, released a music video on December 10, 2021. This project is the first of its kind in the NFT music ecosystem, with BAYC pioneering it.

The music video is for the song, ‘Delist Your Ape (2DaMoon)’ featuring pop artist, rapper, and songwriter, Reo Cragun and Clear Eyes (Jeremy Lloyd of Marian Hill music). According to Bored Ape #9797, Jimbo, ever since he was born in the metaverse, fell in love with Reo through his music. Afterward, Reo introduced him to Clear Eyes, and he believed they could come up with a blockbuster song.

The animation of the video, which features apes in human clothes, was created by Syft and Beverly Films, and according to Reo Cragun, the song is the first of many more songs and videos to come. According to him, there is a lot to come in the following year in his album and with LNRZ DAO.

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Following this ground-breaking act, more people are exploring the NFT music ecosystem, especially through the Bored Apes NFTs, which have turned out to be a huge investment platform. Musicians and celebrities are not left out, as many of them are now buying the Apes, using them as their Twitter profile pictures. In addition, music producers and companies are collaborating with the BAYC to explore the music metaverse further.

The BAYC is a group of creative crypto lovers who have created a platform for people to gather and discuss developments in cryptocurrency and blockchain. The NFTs are membership cards and give commercial rights to buyers to create and sell the merch and derivative products.

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