BOSAGORA(BOA), signed a strategic business partnership with Standard Protocol

Nov 24th, 2021 – BOSAGORA signed an agreement for strategic affiliation. Standard Protocol, a stablecoin protocol.

BOSAGORA, a public blockchain platform specialized in metaverse ecosystem, is fast expanding the metaverse ecosystem through MetaCity Forum for which it serves as a permanent chair. Members of the forum include Aiitone, Uracle, BRI(Blockchain Research Institute, headquartered in Canada), IBK Securities & Investment, KB Capital, Ethan & Alice Marketing, Telos, and BOSAGORA. MetaCity Forum is working together for developing ‘MetaCity’, where the real economy and virtual world are merged for transparency and practical ecosystem, through adaptation of Metachain, a blockchain platform developed by BOSAGORA, on metaverse.  

The forum will jointly hold the ‘Global ESG Metacity Summit 2021’ on December 7th together with Namyangju City both in the physical world and on metaverse in Metacity. At this summit, Don Tapscott, a management thinker, inducted into the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame in 2019, two years after ranking #2 in 2017, is invited as a keynote speaker.

Standard Protocol (STND) is the first collateralized redeemable stablecoin protocol operating operate across multichain ecosystems, currently supporting Ethereum and Polkadot-based Shiden Network, and venturing into Polygon, Avalanche, and Metis (Ethereum Layer 2) by end of 2021. Unlike other existing stablecoins, Standard Protcol has its own in-built DEX as a market maker and dedicated orcale to ensure capital-efficient liquidation process and price stability of our stablecoin MeterUSD ($USM).

It has been recognized for its technological prowess and value, such as receiving subsidies from the Polkadot Web3 Foundation, the Shiden Network Builder Program, and Polygon's #DefiForAll Fund. In addition, JPYC, a stablecoin linked to Japanese yen, was recently registered in the Standard Protocol's own DEX (Decentralized Exchange), strengthening the Defi (Decentralized Finance) area.

With this agreement, BOSAGORA and Standard Protocol will cooperate in △DEX development linked with BOSAGORA MetaChain △Support BOA Liquidity Providing and Farming at Standard Protocol DEX △Liking up BOA MetaChain Standard protocol DEX △ Assist BOSAGORA’s expansion to Yearn Finance Ecosystem project ecosystem △Others that may require cooperation.

Inhwan Kim, president of BOSAGORA, said, “By working with Standard Protocol, we have laid the foundation for interworking with Polkadot and Polygon Network, which has been in the spotlight recently. We will continue to expand our partnership with aspiring global projects to expand BOA's blockchain ecosystem."

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