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Breaking All-Time NBA Three-Point Record: Stephen Curry Drops Surprise NFT For Charity
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Breaking All-Time NBA Three-Point Record: Stephen Curry Drops Surprise NFT For Charity

BTC Peers reporter
BTC Peers reporter

Two-time MVP and three-time NBA champion, Stephen Curry, has dropped a first NFT collection earlier today. This is in conjunction with the all-time NBA three-point record and particularly serves as a surprise to everyone. The NFT is to benefit Curry's foundation, Eat. Learn. Play.

It is projected that the funds from these NFTs will directly impact Oakland Community and those in it. Also, the idea is to reflect the goal of Curry's foundation, which is to ensure that children eat, learn and play. Hence, with 100% of Curry's profits flowing from this NFT launch, there would be a better chance of fighting to end childhood hunger, ensuring children have unhindered access to quality education and providing a safe place for them to play and remain active.

In appreciation to those that have contributed to his life, Curry is gifting 200 NFTs to them. The list of beneficiaries of this includes school teachers, Davidson University, coaches, Golden State Warriors Fans, neighborhood friends, teammates, mentors, family, rivals, and Curry's SC30 team.

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While praising Curry for his generous actions, the CEO and president of 'Eat. Learn. Play.' Chris Helfrich said,

"We're incredibly proud of Stephen for this amazing achievement… We're honored that these commemorative moments of Stephen's brilliant career will benefit Eat. Learn. Play., where the funds raised will go directly to support our foundation's work in improving the lives of children in underserved communities in the Bay Area and beyond."

The release of the NFT will be in honor of the record-breaking number and the multiple emotion-filled sketches of Curry using the 2974 numbers to fill his physical features. Hence, the release of the NFT will be in a quantity of 2974. Each of these NFTs will represent the specific 3-pointer Curry made as well as the game and the date in which it occurred.

These drawings have been created by Andrea McDonald and will carry the digital signature of Curry.