Top 10 crypto news stories for November 23, 2020

1. Pickle Finance loses nearly half its value after successful hack. DeFi Protocol Pickle Finance has lost almost half its value in the fluid situation following a hack.

2. BlockApps partners with Bayer to launch new Ethereum-based network. The pharma giant is looking to enter the public blockchain space.

3. A painting of Buterin, in the form of a NFT has sold for a record amount. The token/painting sold for around $141,000 in an auction.

4. PayPal and Square are buying every single mined Bitcoin according to recent research. This puts PayPal in control of the market, at least in the short term.

5. KuCoin, which was the recent victim of a hack, is back to business as usual. The exchange is now allowing deposits and withdrawals as it would normally.

6. Chainalysis may be blockchain’s next unicorn. The firm is close to raising $1 billion in new funds in the coming week.

7. GoDaddy employees fall victim to hack. The company transferred control over at least six prominent crypto companies to hackers last week.

8. Harvest 2.0 to launch soon, says Kava CEO. The firm is close to making Harvest 2.0 a reality, and it may be open to the public soon.

9. Forbes: XRP and other major alts could be set for biggest price gains ever.

10. Report: Chainlink may break higher as key resistance levels cleared over weekend.

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