Building Wealth in Real Estate Through Blockchain—the FraXion Project Initiative

Building Wealth in Real Estate Through Blockchain—the FraXion Project Initiative
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Real estate investment is one of the most profitable investment options globally. The ability to buy properties for a lower price and sell, lease, or rent them for profits, is considered one of the top ten investment choices. While this is an endearing career path, there is a huge problem. The real estate market is too expensive for average investors.

The taxes, cost of enhancing a property, the time needed to complete an agreement, and hidden costs make it a challenging and pricey investment alternative for low-income individual investors.

Is there a solution? Absolutely.

FraXion, a non-conventional real estate investment platform leveraging the immutable and permanent technology blockchain, aims to address this significant barrier to entry. Utilizing this secure ledger—blockchain—and multiple cutting-edge technologies, FraXion seeks to provide the average individual access to highly sought-after real estate development ventures. FraXion accomplishes this objective by working concomitantly with some of the most-known institutional partners worldwide.

FraXion provides individual investors like yourself access to quality real estate investments—enabling you to invest shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the top developers and investors for as low as $1,000. In essence, with as low as $1,000, you can successfully enter the entire real estate market.

Tokenization of Real Estate

In the traditional real estate investment market, investors must lock up their capital for some time, usually known as the “hold period.” This period could run into several years, depending on the type of real estate, and there is no guarantee of either a profitable or successful exit.

With the concept of tokenization, which in itself is a process of transforming things into digital or virtual assets, this problem is resolved. Tokenization will make the real estate market genuinely transparent, efficient, affordable, and capable of providing liquidity.

Thanks to blockchain technology, liquidity is now available in the real estate investment market.

The FraXion Ecosystem

FraXion will ride on the concept of fractionalization—a phenomenon where multiple investors own a fraction of real estate. Investors from all parts of the world can seamlessly purchase a fraction of a real estate asset.

By eliminating the existing entry barriers, FraXion will pioneer global investments.

That's not all; FraXion, through fractionalization, will raise more capital while attracting more investors. The prevailing investment threshold is reduced, providing everyone access to the trillion-dollar real estate market.

Like most blockchain-based projects, FraXion has a native, asset-backed token, the FraXion Token. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, FraXion Tokens are tangible real estate-backed digital assets that offer a fixed high rate of return, regardless of crypto market movements.

The Developers

FraXion is a product of strategic partnerships with renowned real estate developers—The Peebles Corporation and Royal Palm Companies.

Established in 1983, The Peebles Corporation is a privately held national real estate investment and development company focused on commercial, hospitality, residential, retail and mixed-use properties. With several awards under its belt, The Peebles Corporation has the most real estate developments through public-private partnerships, with more than $5 billion in properties currently under development.

On the other hand, Royal Palm Companies [RPC] is a development company focused on the trifecta of location, design, and delivery of unique and award winning properties. Established in 1978, RPC has delivered over 6,000 units worth over $3.5 billion.

The track records of these development companies further cements FraXion’s stance as one of the core blockchain-based projects seeking to help individual investors build wealth through real estate investment.

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