BullEx Announces $800,000 of Earnings Paid Out To Holders within 2 Months of Its Launch

BullEx Announces $800,000 of Earnings Paid Out To Holders within 2 Months of Its Launch
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The past couple of years have witnessed a lot of different innovative ways to earn money in the crypto space. Also, the advent of decentralized finance (DeFi) in crypto has been dominating talks about passive income and crypto investments. Since then, there have been a number of crypto projects seeking to revolutionize the passive income game.

One of these projects is BullEx, a deflationary token. In less than 2 months since BullEx went live, the platform has paid out a whopping $800,000 to its token holders. This is undoubtedly a giant stride and improvement in the passive income marketplace.

Overview of the BullEx Ecosystem

BullEx is a hyper-deflationary buy-back token designed to reward its holders with BNB tokens automatically. The BullExchange is a fully decentralized platform that allows users to generate new wallets or access the already existing wallet. It also allows users to view their assets, send & receive tokens, and even swap tokens as done in centralized exchanges. The BullExchange also stores NFTs; it doesn’t matter whether they are stored on the Ethereum protocol or the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

BullEx has some integrated tools put in place to help users seamlessly check the activity of the investments, view the graph of tokens, the transactions, and so many other information. BullEx is currently creating a platform to launch and deploy smart contracts, as well as hold pre-sales. The team seeks to solve the problem facing the BSC community by integrating a full internal KYC system. All tokens launched on the BbullEx Pad are completely Rug-Proof and all legit projects.

BullEx is also building an NFT marketplace that lets holders view, sell, and auction their NTFs. BullEx holders can re-invest their rewards and lock them to receive a high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) with its locked staking.

Features of the BullEx Platform

Here are some of the notable features of the BullExchange:

BNB Rewards Redistribution

For every transaction, 10% will be redistributed to all BullEx token holders in BNB. However, the BNB reward only goes to holders with a minimum of 10,000 BullEx tokens.


Every sell transaction is bought up to the tune of up to 10 BNB at the same time. Depending on the volume of BullEx tokens, they are bought back every time you sell BullEx.

Liquidity Pool Lock

The liquidity pool pair is after the public pre-sale and locked. Approximately 80% of the pre-sale is given to the liquidity pool pair, and 20% of the transaction also goes to the same liquidity pool. This helps to ensure the stability of the price of BullEx tokens.

Anti-Bot & Anti-Dump

The smart contract prevents bots from manipulating the buy-back feature. This is done by restricting and blacklisting the wallet 2 consecutive sells in the same block or within the same time frame.


A marketing wallet is created to ensure the continuous promotion of BullEx on all social media platforms. The community has the power to vote for or against any transaction from that wallet.

BullEx Reward Pool

The BNB reward redistribution of BullEx is completely dependent on volume, trading, and transactions. The implication is that anytime the volume runs down, the rewards redistribution will start to dry up. However, the BullEx platform is designed that ensure that the rewards keep flowing through a “reward pool.” The reward pool is an added tax stored in the smart contract and can fund the reward redistribution whenever the volume drops.

The reward pool ensures that BNB rewards remain constant and its projections are as accurate as possible. The smart contract will also be deployed in correlation with the Advertisement Revenue Share Project. For more information about the BullEx project, you can check out the official whitepaper.

To start your passive income journey today, visit https://bullextoken.com/

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