Bunicorn Wraps DeFi, NFT and Gaming into a Single Play to Earn Adventure

Bunicorn Wraps DeFi, NFT and Gaming into a Single Play to Earn Adventure
Photo by André François McKenzie / Unsplash

Bunicron Finance is all set to release its much-anticipated game this month that incorporates the crypto world of DeFi and NFT to present a one of a kind experience.

Earn While You Protect Buniland

The fictional universe of Bunicorn currently consists of the planet where the creatures of the same name live. Humans in the game have taken advantage of the innocence of the Bunicorns and taken over their planet.

A faction of Bunicorn sympathisers have risen, who are now fighting against Hunter Inc., a corporation that leads the atrocities. The game is centred around the struggle and is based on using NFTs and the Play to Earn gaming model. In contrast to traditional models where people have to pay for gaining access to a game, the Play to Earn model means that gamers will earn while playing.

There are different gameplays in Bunicorn, such as:

  • Player VS Player: Gamers pit their trainers and Bunicorns against each other for dominance.
  • Player VS Environment: Explore the Bunicorn world and fight Hunter Inc.
  • Boss Raids: Band together to fight off boss enemies.

Each game results in players earning the BUNI token which can then be staked for further rewards in the BUNI staking pools. Currently, legendary water element Bunicron eggs can be found by staking the Bunicorn NFTs.

What Sets Bunicorn Apart

Online gaming is rapidly gaining traction, with estimates of the market size reaching $400 billion in the next 5 years. Bunicorn taps into this phenomenon, but with a few tricks that sets itself apart.

The in-game tokenomics of using not one, but two different tokens (the game’s BUNI and the larger universe-wide BUR) brings immense player monetary benefits. As the game adoption increases (already at $28 million worth in a month), the demand for both tokens is increasing and that means price hikes that result in profitability. A portion of the revenue generated by the platform is distributed amongst players to promote the game.

The BUR has some special applications too within the game. Players can use BUR tokens to enhance their Bunicorn stats to move forward in the game. This will increase the NFT’s value. At the same time, the BUR will be burnt, lowering its supply. Another use of BUR is to fuse two trainers for a more powerful one. BUR used in this process will be burnt too.

BUR owners can alternatively take advantage of the BUR staking pools and earn BUNI as rewards.

Merging DeFi, NFT and Games

NFTs have become a rage these days and the market has exploded to be worth more than $2.5 billion already. While NFT related news is full of digital art and other “moments” such as NBA Top Shots, the gaming market is starting to rise and merge the two different aspects into a single experience.

Bunicorn takes this to a whole new level by adding in DeFi. Players can use the two tokens of the Bunicorn universe, BUR and BUNI can be used to buy NFT based cards that represent the human and Bunicorn factions. Players then can either fight or stake their NFTs and earn more coins.

Bunicorn takes gaming, blockchain and DeFi to a whole new level. Running on the BSC ecosystem, it has a low and extremely manageable fee system. Its gaming environment has also caught the attention of the industry and is backed by major firms such as the Kyber Network. The Bunicorn game is set to launch at the end of August and open up a whole new means of entertainment and passive earnings.

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