BUYTEX Project Overview

BUYTEX Project Overview

BUYTEX is one of the newest yet most significant entrants of the cryptocurrency market in 2020. It is a new age cryptocurrency exchange that also offers trading platform services for crypto traders across the globe. Using BUYTEX, users get to store and exchange cryptos as well as fiat money. With innovation at its core, this company enables its users to pull off high profitable trades by offering them advanced charting tools.

Keep in mind the the exchange is yong and there are risks involved if you want to be their early adopter.

BUYTEX has been officially registered and is gradually acquiring most of the international crypto licenses. This exchange claims to be created based on advanced blockchain technology to achieve true decentralization. This allows users to transact with maximum speed as the processing time is minimized. This exchange also promises the security of client data and funds using advanced encryption techniques.

Also, in the BUYTEX exchange, traders and speculators get to access a wide variety of digital assets. BUX is the native exchange token of this crypto exchange. The whole tokenomics of the BUYTEX platform is based on BUX alone. The most innovative effort of this exchange is to come up with an entire system altogether to promote the services they offer. Let’s understand that in detail below.

BUYTEX Network

It is an exclusive partnership platform of the BUYTEX crypto exchange. The primary purpose of this platform is to educate people while promoting their exchange along with the BUX token. For this purpose, the BUYTEX network has decided to feature a multi-level partner system. Typically, any crypto company would go for a conventional ICO or a bounty program to roll out their tokens. But the multi-level partner system method has proved to be more efficient than those.

This company claims to be the stock exchange of crypto holdings, as every individual who holds the BUX tokens gets to enjoy the dividends from stock market profits. The primary purpose of the BUYTEX Network other than promoting BUYTEX exchange and its native token is to form an international crypto community of traders and investors. They also intend to offer trading related educational services for their community.

With the BUYTEX Network platform in place, the exchange anticipates being one of the top-5 crypto exchanges in the world in terms of the trading volume. They set high targets for themselves as they are trying to achieve this feat in the next three years. Now let's get to the exciting part - the affiliate programs.

BUYTEX Network’s Unique Affiliate Program

The promotional platform of BUYTEX exchange recently announced their interesting affiliate program. This allows the users of BUYTEX to earn income in six different ways. Let’s go through each of them below.

1. Token Bonus

BUYTEX Network designed five different investment plans for its users that range from Siler to VIP. Each of these plans will have specific criteria, and they can be found in the snapshot below.

In this program, users get to earn up to three times their original investment in one year, depending on the plans they have signed up to. 5% of weekly profits are guaranteed to the users in this 'Token Bonus' plan.

In the above snapshot, you can see that each of the interest packages has a BUX number that will be offered X times the amount invested. For instance, if you invest 4000 BUX, you will be nested under the Gold plan. Here, you will receive 2.2X returns for the amount of BUX you bought. In simple terms, you will be earning about 4000x2.2 = 8,800 BUX in a year (52 weeks). When we translate this to weekly earning, you will be earning 169.2 BUX/week.

Ideally, you are earning a little more than two times your investment when you sign up with the Gold plan. The current value of one BUX is equal to $0.1. With all the hype & value in place, this value may shoot up any time soon. However, the earnings from this plan do not account for the profits accumulated from the surge in the price of BUX.

2. Direct Bonus

Users of BUYTEX receive a bonus of up to 10 -12% bonus every time a new user join their teams. Even here, the user rewards depend on the investment plans they chose.

3. Binary Bonus

We all know how binary bonuses work. Every user will have an affiliate tree, and this package activates every time a user records growth in the BUX token volume held by the right and left side of their affiliate tree. For every single increase, the platform awards 13% of BUX's total volume held by the downlines of their affiliate network. All this data is transparent, and you get to see these constantly updated details on your dashboard. Below is the illustration of the same.

4. Matching Bonus

As discussed, BUYTEX Network works on a multi-tiered affiliate framework. The system offers varying bonus percentages of the Binary Bonus earned by partners, which they invited directly. In simple terms, this is a bonus you receive every time your referral receives a bonus from the BUYTEX Network. Each investment plan and affiliate level come with its matching bonus percentage. For instance, you get to earn a 20% matching bonus if you are in the Gold investment plan.

5. Leadership Career

In this income model, high-performance uplines are rewarded in the form of iPhones, supercars, and villas. The purpose is to encourage team leaders to manage their downlines and their performance. The more uplines make their referrals to participate in the BUYTEX ecosystem and upsurge the turnover, the higher they climb the leadership ladder. Even these numbers can be easily monitored in your dashboard.

6. Quick Start Bonus

Like how the ‘Leadership Career’ is designed to reward active members, the ‘Quick Start Bonus’ is designed to reward the most active partners. BUYTEX Network offers extra coins to the partners who qualify for the second leadership stage within the first 30 days of joining the network.

The Supply Cap

The total supply of BUX coins is limited to 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion). In order to control the supply and increase the demand for this coin, the company burns about 15% of BUX from the income generated every quarter. This will gradually increase the demand of the coin and thereby increasing its value. This burning will stop once 500,000,000 (500 Million) BUX is left in the market.


BUYTEX has got almost all the pieces right in becoming one of the most prominent exchanges in the crypto industry. Right from gaining credibility by acquiring international certifications, to design innovative ways to promote their brand, we can say the journey has been great so far. We believe that innovative affiliate programs like these are crucial to drive public attention and encourage them to participate in the ongoing crypto revolution.

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