Cactus World to Launch First NFT Kids TV Show

Cactus World to Launch First NFT Kids TV Show
Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

The world of NFT has been expanding and becoming more creative, as artists, musicians, and developers have pushed the technology into previously uncharted areas. Now, two Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning visual effects artists have designed an aesthetically spectacular, seductive, and ecologically aware method for fans to participate in the debut of Cactus World.

Cactus World will give you the chance to star in a kid-friendly television program as your own distinctive cactus character. Collectors will be able to purchase a Cactus Seed NFT, which will entitle them to unique gifts, income sharing on intellectual property, and access to the Cactus World community through the private Discord channels. Additionally, they get a rare collectable 2D NFT from Cactus World and a matching 3D model that may be utilized in the metaverse and shown in the program. The adorable cactus NFTs will find a home in a new television program, game, metaverse, and currency as the universe and community expand.

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Cactus World was created by two dedicated visual effects artists who have worked on television, feature films, cinematics, and feature animation for many years. Black Panther, Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse, Thor Ragnarock, Aquaman, World of Warcraft, Smallfoot, Godzilla II, and Over the Moon are among his previous credits. Leo Krajden and Abel Vargas would want to use their prior expertise to grow this universe and create something unique, immersive, and community-driven.

This is an NFT initiative with a purpose - The Cactus Foundation Fund will donate 1% of all transactions to charity. The funds will be used to promote reforestation, ecological charity, sustainable development, and research into technologies that will shape our planet's future. While Cactus World is totally digital, it aspires to have a tangible effect on the physical world via its sustainable mindset and efforts.

Cactus World will also encourage children's and adult education by awarding annual college scholarships to youngsters via their Cacti College Fund. In addition, a percentage of the earnings will benefit children and adults interested in pursuing 3D art and animation careers, with the project's founders serving as direct mentors.

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