Can Mandir Talks On The Advance Of Dropshopping In The Age Post-Covid Recovery

Can Mandir Talks On The Advance Of Dropshopping In The Age Post-Covid Recovery

In his recent interview, Can Tayfun Mandir – the CEO of dropshipping venture, pointed to the current and future trends in a rapidly-evolving e-commerce space, while also providing some practical tips of how to outstand in the field that is about to dominate 2021.

The world cannot live without ecommerce:  Dropshipping becomes the new ‘black’

Faced with unprecedented challenges of pandemic, many had to reconsider their shopping habits. E-commerce came as a lifeline once the lockdown and the following disruption broke out. With the life pattern changing and increasingly becoming home-based, e-commerce is set to be a new flourishing trend for the upcoming decade.

Dropshipping, a tradition of having the goods delivered exactly at your doorstep, can boast of several advantages over the traditional offline approach. One is a higher level of personalization, allowing to tailor the customer orders as close as possible to their actual needs. Another is convenience. Having a mobile phone at a shopper's disposal allows anyone to place an order from any corner of the world within a matter of minutes, which cuts off an essential time needed to undertake the journey to the actual shopping location.

Additional advantage is a low regulatory pressure that allows the package without obstacles to get delivered in a course of a few business days. China, as a country first contaminated with Covid-19 and re-emerging from the pandemic breakdown, is leading the race, as they were the ones to rapidly recover from the crisis and boost their presence in e-commerce.

Entrepreneurship in the times of the global crisis

After receiving a major sales boost from the Covid-19, the field of e-commerce became an alluring sector for the experienced entrepreneurs as well as for the new-generation self-starters. Among them, Mr. Mandir discovered his own niche for developing the dropshipping trend and providing consultations for growing online-sales.

Among difficulties relating to the upscaling of the dropshipping venture, Can emphasizes not the process of building the project from scratch as much as the people’s outgrown mindset. Brick-and-mortar stores still remain fixed in the minds of the population who are devoted to the old ways of doing things. Instead, Mr. Mandir says that “the future will be designed for more and more people to make purchases online”.

Eventually, in order to make a name in this rapidly evolving environment, discipline, patience and willpower are combining into essential components of success. E-commerce field is abundant with innovative ideas and ways to enhance the existing approach to shopping, making the whole process even more comfortable and stress-free. Anyone who wants to engage in this field has to be prepared to deal with the difficulty of bringing their own products or shopping venue to the market. Finally, the entrepreneur has to realize and exploit the value of branding, as shoppers spend more time online and become more susceptible to targeted advertising.

crypto-powered-dropshipping-is-an-optimistic-future-prospect">Crypto-powered dropshipping is an optimistic future prospect

Although it may be tempting to think that after the announcement of Tesla that its cars can be purchased for Bitcioin, the rest of the world is not in a rush to adopt the most widespread digital currency. The main concern remains the asset’s high volatility, which makes it a poor match for running everyday operations on a large scale. Despite this fact, Mr. Manir does not exclude the possibility of adoption in the long run. He is optimistic about the crypto-payment prospect, stating that “every online shop in the world will soon adopt its usage”. This trend became particularly significant in 2020 and 2021.

However, the timing of this fundamental shift to crypto-backed transactions is still unknown. After all, integration of cryptocurrencies in our life will be a groundbreaking step that will qualitatively transform all areas of our everyday life. But taking into consideration the prevailing positive mood for cryptocurrency investing, it takes no guess that the full integration of cryptocurrencies is not at a far reach.

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