Cardano-Based AstroSwap DEX IDO to Launch Exclusively on ADAPad, October 7

Cardano-Based AstroSwap DEX IDO to Launch Exclusively on ADAPad, October 7
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Ever since the launch of its smart contracts nearly a month ago, Cardano’s ecosystem has been seeing massive waves of innovation, with new projects emerging, holding token sales, launching DeFi protocols, and more. One of the most recent examples is Ardadex’s upcoming DEX and NFT marketplace.

However, despite all that has already happened, things are only getting started. Cardano is set to experience a brand new wave of infrastructure thanks to an industry-changing partnership between the upcoming DEX AstroSwap and the ADAPad launchpad.

Many may already know of AstroSwap, as the project previously raised quite a bit of excitement when it announced its intention to launch a cutting-edge DEX on Cardano’s blockchain. The excitement surged as Cardano, despite all the recent developments, lacks a DEX/Launchpad partnership, and did not even have a launchpad until ADAPad rocketed into the Cardano scene.

Now, AstroSwap and ADAPad are teaming up, which is a monumental development for the industry. This is a one-of-a-kind partnership that will create a seamless route for innovative projects, all the way from development, marketing, to finally listing and trade. Allowing the next generation of blockchain projects an easier route than ever onto the marketplace.

A collaboration of this proportion carries vast potential, and Cardano’s ecosystem will see a massive boost in development. This will, in turn, bring new projects, users, traders, investors, others, and likely impact ADA’s price quite significantly - bringing it ever closer to the top of the rankings.

With the new partnership established, ADAPad will host the upcoming public AstroSwap IDO, which is scheduled to take place this Thursday, October 7th. BSCPad has also secured a private pool for Blue Diamond Tier holders. The IDO is not expected to last too long, as previous IDOs launched by parent company BlueZilla sold out extremely quickly. With that in mind, securing a spot as soon as possible is essential for any interested participant, and can be done at or

Why are ADAPad and AstroSwap So Important for Cardano?

As many are likely aware, many of the most prominent crypto projects now have their own dedicated launchpads. Ethereum has ETHPad, Tron has TRONPad, with other projects featuring their own, such as BSCPad, KCCPad, VelasPad, and more.

With Cardano finally making its move to boost the development of its ecosystem, the arrival of ADAPad is not that much of a surprise. However, another thing that should be noted is that all of these solutions are a part of the BlueZilla Group Initiative.

The group’s goal is to help projects build their vision by providing it with industry leading help and support. With Cardano already being famous, but still an extremely new arrival to the world of smart contracts and ecosystem development, it is a perfect candidate for a new launchpad that will allow all others to start enriching its ecosystem with new products and projects.

On the other hand, there is Wagyuswap, which will provide the necessary back-end technology for AstroSwap. WagyuSwap originally comes from the Velas blockchain, where it launched to achieve EVM compatibility, low fees, fast transactions, and other game-changing benefits, posting more than 100x returns on IDO prices within minutes.

Now, with Cardano’s recent wave of development, the two projects join forces to expand their presence to Cardano’s blockchain. This marriage of BlueZilla’s marketing and launchpad capabilities, paired with WagyuSwap’s technical know-how will make for a record breaking potent combination.

Details of the Upcoming IDO

As mentioned, the AstroSwap IDO will take place this Thursday, October 7th. There are only two days left, and while the exact starting time is currently unknown, it won’t be long now before the team announces it. The Token Generation Event is rumored to have a market cap of $120,000, although this remains unconfirmed.

Anyone wanting to participate will need to complete the prerequisites on either Launchpad offering participation. ADAPad offers 7 tiers, one to fit any trader's lifestyle. They must complete the staking, KYC and any Whitelist tasks (if necessary). BSCPad is offering a Blue Diamond Exclusive pool, which means you need to stake 75,000 BSCPad tokens, and complete KYC by the IDO Deadline to participate. Users can follow AstroSwap on Twitter, Medium, Telegram, and check out the Telegram announcements. Visit for more information.

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