Cardano-based Platform KICK.IO To Start Its Public Sale On ExMarkets on September 16, 2021

Cardano-based Platform KICK.IO To Start Its Public Sale On ExMarkets on September 16, 2021
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One of the ways that a new project can raise funds to support its activities is through an initial exchange offering (IEO). IEOs are far less risky investments than initial coin offerings (ICOs). The reason is that the crypto exchange must have conducted a good background check on the project to protect its reputation and customers. When projects like KICK.IO decide to go for an IEO instead of an ICO, they aim to pass a positive message to potential investors.

What does KICK.IO’s public sale hold for a potential investor, and how will it be executed? These and many more questions have been answered in this article.

The KICK.IO Public Sale

The initial exchange offering (IEO) or public sale of KICK utility tokens will kickstart next month on September 16, 2021. At this point, the public sale has already been oversubscribed by both retail and institutional investors. With its hard cap sitting above $22 million, the possibilities are enormous. The public sale will come in two phases. In the first phase, there will be 24,500,000 tokens for sale at a rate of $0.22 per token. In phase 2, 14,000,000 tokens will be made available for sale at $0.26 each token.

KICK.IO has chosen ExMarkets, a decentralized exchange that has become a renowned name within the Cardano community, to host its sale. With the successful public sales of tokens for projects like ADAX, YaySwap, and many others, the choice of KICK.IO to go for  won't come as a surprise to many analysts.

Overview of the KICK.IO Platform

KICK.IO is a decentralized fundraising launchpad and project accelerator that is built on the Cardano blockchain protocol. By leveraging decentralized finance (DeFi) innovations, KICK.IO can offer efficient, transparent, and decentralized crowdfunding services. The platform aims to grow into the ecosystem where the massive Cardano community can come together to fund highly viable projects and identify and pick tomorrow’s winners.

With a team of financial professionals, KICK.IO is also offering full Cardano native token support. They also offer project kickstarting and endorsement capabilities, thus helping these projects to thrive and reach their full market potential. To ensure that investors are well protected, KICK.IO is designed to allow only the most credible and promising projects to make it through the funding process.

The projects selected are also the ones with the highest potential to benefit the Cardano ecosystem and community as a whole. Unlike other existing Cardano IDO launchpads that do not support the Cardano native token, KICK.IO provides full Cardano native token support. The KICK.IO platform also offers staking functionality, with users ble to earn an additional 5% on approved projects. Users can browse through the verified project listings on the platform and interact with different project founders, then go ahead and back the most credible projects.

Before project propositions are made available to users, they will be vetted by an experienced team of investors and the team. This is to ensure cost-effective and timely fundraising for the right projects. The project will receive 92.7% of the funds raised. 5% will be used for endorsement rewards, while the remaining 2.5% will serve as the platform’s commission fee.

Features of the KICK.IO Launchpad

The primary function of KICK.IO is for Users to endorse their favorite projects and earn rewards doing so. Cardano native tokens will be available for early birds within the Cardano community. There will also be different private and public sale options as users can facilitate various types of project fundraising phases. The KICK.IO Launchpad also has an automated distribution feature, which makes it possible for different parties to have access to funds and the assets at the same time.

With KICK.IO looking like a promising project this summer, interested parties should visit the ExMarkets Launchpad on September 16 to get their piece of the pie:

KICK.IO Website:

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