Cardano-based Project, KICK.IO, Scheduled to Launch IEO on September 15th

Cardano-based Project, KICK.IO, Scheduled to Launch IEO on September 15th
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With the layer-2 scaling solution and tentative Alonzo upgrade, Cardano, the third-largest crypto platform based on market cap, has continued to reach and exceed new heights. Identified as an Ethereum-killer, Cardano is offering developers an opportunity to create and launch numerous projects on its blockchain. Albeit being in existence for a while now, Cardano can be said to still be at its infant stage because most of its potential is untapped.

While it seeks to offer developers and creators a ton of opportunities to create projects, financial inequality and inability to access funding quickly have stalled the supposed growth of this advanced decentralized applications [DApps] alternative, hence the need for a viable and sustainable solution. Well, a few projects have been launched to solve this tiny bit of problem, one of such is KICK.IO — a decentralized Cardano-based project accelerator and fundraising platform.

KICK.IO Scheduled September 15 IEO on ExMarkets

Built by a team of decentralized finance [DeFi] professionals, KICK.IO is committed to providing the Cardano community crowdfunding services, a suite of innovative DeFi features, and full Cardano’s native token support. This fundraising platform was created to help the Cardano blockchain reach its fullest potential. In a bid to do that, KICK.IO, according to a recent press release, will ensure that projects on the ecosystem get the right fundraising and kick-starting capabilities.

To help see this idea come into fruition, the decentralized crowdfunding platform has scheduled its Initial Exchange Offering [IEO] on the ExMarkets exchange on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. With ADAX, the Cardano ecosystem’s automated liquidity protocol, having recorded an overwhelming success in its IEO on the ExMarkets platform earlier this year, the KICK.IO development team believes the news to go public on ExMarkets should not come as a surprise to anyone, per the aforementioned press release.

Recording an oversubscribed private sale, as revealed by the founding team, they are unequivocally certain that the public sale scheduled for Wednesday, September 15, 2021, would be a success.

Leveraging ExMarket’s over 160,000 community users, affordability, modern IEO launch, and valuable funding support, KICK.IO, not surprisingly, has garnered loads of interest from retail and institutional investors alike. As revealed by the team, participating in this IEO is incredibly hassle-free.

With this fundraising platform expected to go public this month as mentioned, it is positioning itself as a paramount part of the Cardano ecosystem — an ideal place where community members can join hands to not only fund but support high-growth yet problem-solving projects with potential for future proliferation. This Cardano-based project will ensure that retail and institutional investors get priority access to some of the most promising projects with unimaginable returns.

With over 100 new projects expected to be launched on Cardano, as stated by the project developer, Charles Hoskinson, KICK.IO is committed to ensuring that only credible, efficient, and auspicious projects make it through the fundraising process, thus, guaranteeing the community high potential projects that can generate colossal returns whilst contributing to the growth of the Cardano ecosystem, as reported on the press release.

Breaking the $3 cordon for the first time following the announcement of its smart contracts-supporting testnet, Cardano, through its native token, ADA, is seeking to offer creators and developers a chance to build and subsequently launch projects on its ecosystem. KICK.IO, on the other hand, although utilizing the network’s amazing features, is working to decentralize crowdfunding by offering investors, businesses, and community members the possibility of funding and earning gargantuan returns thereafter from propitious projects.

Scheduled for September 15, 2021, the IEO on ExMarkets Launchpad is part of KICK.IO’s vision to solve the problem of informational and financial imbalance in the Cardano ecosystem. To find out more, visit the website at

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