Cardano Holder Profitability Plummets to All-Time Lows Amid Market Crash

The recent cryptocurrency market crash has dealt a serious blow to Cardano (ADA), with holder profitability dropping to the lowest levels on record.

91% of ADA Holders are in the Red

According to data from on-chain analytics firm IntoTheBlock, 91% of Cardano holders are currently underwater on their positions as of August 19, 2023. This means they purchased the tokens at higher prices compared to the current value.

Only 5% of holders are actually in profit, while 3% are at breakeven. This makes ADA the worst performer among top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of user profitability.

The losses are largely attributed to the plunge in Cardano's price over the past few months, exacerbated by the broad market selloff this week. ADA is down 4.49% in the last 24 hours.

Recovery Could Be Hindered by Negative Sentiment

With such an overwhelming majority of holders in losing positions, Cardano faces headwinds trying to engineer a recovery rally. Bearish sentiment tends to be self-reinforcing as underwater investors become more hesitant to buy.

This ties into the overall fearful mood in crypto markets. The Crypto Fear & Greed Index dropped sharply from a neutral 50 down to 37 in just one day as prices retreated. With investors wary, fresh capital is unlikely to flow into ADA.

Market Recovery May Be Needed First

For Cardano to rebound, the overall crypto market likely needs to bottom out and regain its footing first. This would require a recovery in leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin to restore bullish sentiment.

If the macro backdrop improves and crypto prices find support, the profitability metrics for ADA could begin shifting back into positive territory. But the path back remains cloudy amid the entrenched bearishness.

Can Cardano Withstand the Down Market?

Cardano's developer activity and fundamentals may provide some insulation from broader industry malaise. However, its price still remains highly correlated with the overall crypto market direction.

ADA could potentially decouple and show relative strength if crypto winter persists. But in the current risk-off environment, the headwinds are intense.

Cardano's recovery may require patient holders willing to look past short-term challenges. Or it may need a reversal in overall market sentiment first. Either way, with profitability deeply negative, the path forward promises to be difficult. But Cardano's resilience will be tested in the months ahead.


Cardano holders are feeling significant pain from the recent market plunge, with over 90% in losing positions presently. Negative sentiment creates obstacles for an ADA recovery rally. Cardano's outlook remains tied to broader crypto market forces in the near-term. Investors may require improved industry-wide conditions before more capital flows back into the asset. The months ahead will test Cardano's mettle as its community hopes to weather the storm.

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