Celo blockchain integrates The Graph’s indexing and querying support service

Celo blockchain integrates The Graph’s indexing and querying support service

Celo, a layer 1 blockchain, has integrated The Graph’s indexing and querying support service.

Following the integration, the Celo community can now access the service, and developers will be able to build scalable, decentralized applications on Celo. Furthermore, the integration makes it easier for developers to build applications on Celo with a simple GraphQL language.

Speaking of developers, The Graph currently has a community of approximately 18,000 active developers who have deployed more than 10,000 subgraphs for some popular protocols, including Uniswap, Balancer, and AAVE. That being said, the 200+ dApps on Celo will be able to deploy subgraphs for their applications.

In a move to encourage developers to contribute to the network, the Celo Foundation has committed $150,000 in grants to developers working on subgraphs on the Celo blockchain.

Commenting on the integration, Rene Reinsberg, Partner at cLabs, and co-Founder of Celo said:

The Graph and Celo teaming up will accelerate the journey toward a truly decentralized Internet. We’re excited to provide this tool to Celo’s 600+ developer ecosystem across more than 80 countries," said Rene Reinsberg, co-founder of Celo. “This integration will help developers build dapps that will make financial tools accessible to anyone and create a user experience that ensures this amazing technology is accessible on mobile.

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