Celo chooses Chorus One to create connection with Cosmos

EVM-based blockchain platform Celo is working towards trustless blockchain interoperability with Chorus One chosen as the staking service provider for a bridge between Celo and the Cosmos network. The proof-based bridge will establish “bidirectional communication” between Celo and Cosmos, enabling Calo's cUSD stablecoin to function on the vast ecosystem of Cosmos and Cosmos-based assets including ATOM, BAND, and KAVA to be stored in the Celo Reserve.

The Nov.19 announcement revealed that the partnership will pay the way for block building development between Celo and other networks “like Polkadot, Near, and Solana.” Cosmos is partnering with numerous cross-chains such as Ethereum, Polkadot, and Kadena to build bridges. Cosmos’s development will be backed by the Interchain Foundation through WASM-based Light Client funding, enabling Cosmos to track Celo transactions without needing a hard fork. A Tendermint Light Client will also likely benefit from the Celo Foundation, with signature and block headers verification developed by Cosmos and Cosmos-SDK-based chains.

Celo's co-founder, Marek Olszewski, highlighted his determination for an interoperable ecosystem that extends between several infrastructures.

He commented,

We believe that the industry is not zero-sum, or winner takes all. In a future with many chains, cooperation is necessary to realize our goal of a globally accessible and inclusive financial system. We view the implementation of cross-chain architecture as an act of Mutually Assured Development.”

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