Chainalysis may be blockchain’s next unicorn

Chainalysis CEO and co-founder Michael Gronager just confirmed that the firm is set to become blockchain’s next unicorn this week as it raises $100 million in venture capital, putting the company at a $1 billion valuation. Chainalysis has served more than 350 customers, both government and private. The organization supported a high-profile case with the US Department of Justice (DoJ). With Chainalysis' assistance, the DoJ successfully confiscated almost 70,000 bitcoins from a hacker in the Silk Road case. It’s not the first time Chainalysis has formed a partnership with the DoJ. The two parties worked together to seize three cyber-enabled terrorist financing campaigns in July.

Forbes pointed out that in July 2020, the Series C round follows an extended Series B investment. The $49 million round was also awarded to former Chainalysis's advisory board member Sigal Mandelker, the former Secretary of the Treasury Department of the Treasury. The funds generated would help Chainalysis to grow its engagement internationally with governments and intensify its work. The B-Round alone was planned to push the headcount of the organization to more than 300. The number of its customers has also been increasing quickly. The company now has 350 employees.

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