Chainlink's 18.22% Surge to $8.25: Key Takeaways for LINK Investors

Chainlink's LINK token has seen a significant 18.22% price increase over the past 24 hours, bringing it to a current value of $8.25. This marks a continuation of LINK's strong upward momentum, with the token rallying over 55% in the last month.

Below we analyze key metrics and trends to assess where Chainlink could be headed next and the outlook for LINK investors.

Surging Trading Volume Reflects Renewed Interest

Chainlink has seen a spike in trading activity along with its recent price surge. Volume over the past 24 hours reached $1.41 billion, the highest level since mid-June. This suggests increased investor interest is driving LINK higher.

Higher volume during an uptrend often foreshadows further gains ahead. If volume remains elevated, it would provide evidence of building bullish momentum behind Chainlink.

Technicals Suggest Room to Run Higher

LINK has broken out above its 50-day moving average, which stood at $7.15 before the latest rally. It has also broken resistance around $7.80 which stalled its price multiple times earlier this summer.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) now stands at 65, still below the overbought level of 70. This implies the LINK rally has further room to run before hitting potential exhaustion.

The next key resistance level to watch is the 200-day moving average around $9.45. A break above this could signal a long-term trend change and invite more technical buyers.

My price prediction is for Chainlink to reach $10 - $12 in the short-term if bullish momentum persists. However, LINK remains highly correlated to Bitcoin's price action.

If Bitcoin falters, LINK could retrace back to retest support around $7 despite its recent breakout. I would become cautious if volume starts drying up or if the RSI enters overbought territory over 70.

For now, LINK looks poised to see higher highs and bulls remain in control. But the token likely needs Bitcoin to cooperate to sustain its uptrend through the end of 2022.

While the short-term upside case for LINK looks compelling, the long-term verdict is less clear cut.

On the bullish side, Chainlink remains one of the top oracle protocols with strong developer mindshare. Real-world adoption of decentralized finance and Web3 should expand the need for Chainlink's data feeds.

However, LINK faces increasing competition from alternative oracle solutions. It also carries execution risks in migrating to its upcoming Proof-of-Stake Chainlink 2.0 upgrade.

For long-term investors, building a LINK position on dips makes sense. But expecting a repeat of its parabolic rally in 2020 could be unrealistic. Upside could be more muted as competition increases.

The question of whether to buy Chainlink now depends on your risk tolerance and investment timeline. Short-term traders may consider waiting for a pullback after LINK's rapid 18% single-day rise. Rallies of this magnitude often see some mean reversion.

However, long-term investors could accumulate on dips with a multi-year time horizon. While risks remain, Chainlink still has a first-mover advantage in the blockchain oracle space. Its strong developer community also acts as a wide moat against competitors.

Maintaining a diversified crypto portfolio with a core LINK holding would allow benefiting from upside while mitigating the downside risk.


Chainlink's upside breakout has put the Oracle token back on the radar of crypto investors. While LINK may see some short-term pullbacks, its technicals remain constructive overall.

By sustaining above its key moving averages, LINK has a path to retest its all-time highs with support from bullish Bitcoin price action. Long-term investors can consider accumulating on dips, while traders may wait for temporary retracements to add positions.

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