Chibi Labs Announces Launching Three New NFT Collections

Chibi Labs Announces Launching Three New NFT Collections
Photo by Billy Huynh / Unsplash

Selling out collections, careful 3D art, and an immensely dedicated community have established the studio's presence in the NFT arena. The three collections Chibi Labs has released so far are Chibi Genesis (the first), Apes (the second), and Chibi Galaxy (the third). To use these characters in the Metaverse, they have all been 3D rigged.

It is estimated that 6,700 3D generative characters have been built for the Metaverse. As a result, Chibi legend, history, and the collection's future will all be influenced by each generation of Chibis. "More than simply a JPEG project" is Chibi Labs' motto. Foreseeing the future, Chibi Labs has an outstanding leadership team pushing innovation. The goal of the group's efforts is to make real-world use of the underlying intellectual property (IP) and monetize it in the future.

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Chibi Labs just made their debut in Decentraland with a stunning galaxy jungle landscape. Although collectors have private access, the property was built as a community center and an opportunity for the public to learn about the Chiba culture. Chibi owners have access to a private cave with a cinema room on this huge parcel of land, including a gigantic treehouse with a bar and a dance floor. Customers of Chibi will get Chibi-branded wearables and will eventually be able to engage in a token-based "Play to Earn" game inside the scene.

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Mat Sposta, the Co-Founder of Chibi Labs, announced in a statement, "It is because of NFTs and their supporters that Metaverse adoption is becoming a reality. PFP collectors and Metaverse settings will be bridged through producing usefulness, engagement, and novel gamification techniques. There is still a long way to go, but we are now far ahead of the competition." Chibi Labs is a leading project in the Metaverse market and has a lot of benefits for everyone involved.

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