Clever DeFi (CLVA) token forms an ascending triangle, hints at future growth

Clever DeFi (CLVA) token forms an ascending triangle, hints at future growth

Clever DeFi (CLVA) token saw quite a bit of volatility throughout April, going up and down quite severely. However, in doing so, the token started forming a pattern of an ascending triangle, which allowed experts to predict its future behavior.

According to everything that was seen up to this point, the token is expected to see a price surge in the near future, and keep growing for months to come.

The token’s price, at its highest points, remained at around $15. However, its bottom kept approaching the high points throughout the month. Around April 8th, it was at $3. The next drop brought the price down to $5, while the last one, only a few days ago, brought it slightly above $7.

With the bottom going up, it is only a matter of time before the project breaks a resistance holding it and skyrockets further up.

What is Clever DeFi?

CleverDeFi is the 1st fully autonomous compound interest paying protocol in the world, which guarantees set interest payouts of its token holders. The project emerged as a way to respond to the flaws of the traditional banking system. These flaws are well-known to everyone by now, and they include things like having to put your money and your trust into centralized institutions, the existence of potential backscene government corruption, bail-in laws that allow banks to take your money, and the benefits of using them are minimal, considering that savings interest only goes up to 2% per year, on average.

With the crypto industry becoming more and more developed by the day, and the blockchain sector growing and being accepted even more rapidly, the technology needed to bring the change is here. All it takes is for someone to make something out of it, and for people to hear about it, check it out, and start using it after understanding the benefits.

That is what Clever DeFi aims to achieve.The project does everything in a completely decentralized way, using smart contracts to pre-code any interest rates, dates, cycles, and everything else. The project, being fully decentralized, lets you control your own wallet, hold your own keys, and be the sole owner and manager of your own CLVA holdings.

The project has been focused on remaining a pure DeFi protocol since the day it was conceived. There are no team tokens, and CLVA did not have any amount as its initial supply at the time of launch. There were zero tokens before users started minting them, and all of them are in circulation

Next, there are also no special terms, no staking, and no lock-ins. Users are free to use their coins in any way they want, at any time. Everyone owns their own crypto, with no conditions or rules. Best of all, there are no gas fees of any kind. Meanwhile, users get guaranteed compound interest every cycle, which is every 14 days.
So, as the crypto industry is expanding, and entire nations are starting to accept crypto payments one by one — DeFi has offered a way to earn while holding on to your tokens, and Clever DeFi has come up with a way to do it in a clever way.

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