Coinbase contests NYT story alleging racial discrimination

Coinbase continues to cover the headlines as the firm recently stated that the New York Times is working on a, “negative story” about Coinbase, which may be published in the following days.

The New York Times article, according to Coinbase, reports that over the last few years many Black workers had, "negative exchange experiences." The story involved contains quotations from three former staff members and one former contractor, including names and pictures, said the exchange.

The NYT story would also contain material from other current and former staff, including Slack leaked content, internal corporate meetings and records. These comments were made via the exchange with the public in an internal email. The e-mail addressed to the workers of the exchange revealed, “We don’t care what The New York Times thinks. The most important thing we care about is you, our employees, and what you think.”

Coinbase said that the story's key focus will be on the company's discussions on Black Lives Matter, as well as significant improvements to the Compliance of the exchange and CX orgs back in 2018. The firm added, “The story will likely imply that Black employees were discriminated against during this process; this is false.”

While Coinbase has mentioned the organization has only received complaints from three Black workers referenced in the article, it was confirmed not to have been involved in any wrongdoing or illegal activities.

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