Coinbase employees hold first NFT wedding

Coinbase employees hold first NFT wedding

While marriages are made in heaven, thanks to technology and the soaring popularity of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the exchange of rings can now happen on blockchain technology.

The first of its kind, Coinbase employees have exchanged NFTs as virtual rings on their wedding.

Having gained popularity in the last couple of months, NFTs offer a unique opportunity to buy and sell digital art and keep track of them through the help of blockchain.

Peter Kacherginsky and Rebecca Rose during their traditional wedding ceremony in the United States exchanged NFTs as virtual rings. Named “Tabaat”, a Hebrew word for ring, Rebecca Rose in a recent tweet revealed that while most people get married in churches, beaches, or mountains, she and Peter as employees of one of the leading crypto exchange platforms and crypto enthusiasts decided to get married on the blockchain.

In addition to their Jewish traditional ceremony, Mrs. Kacherginsky revealed that in a bid to solidify their marriage the best way they know how to, they asked a friend to create a smart contract that issued NFTs or digital tokens to their respective crypto wallets.

Via their smartphones, the newly wedded couple exchanged NFTs as rings. Stored on the blockchain technology, records of this vow exchange will remain permanently on the network.

With Croatian tennis player Oliynykova selling off a section of her arm as NFT to this virtual ring exchange, NFTs are offering more unique opportunities than envisaged.

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