Comedian Graham Elwood to spend his stimulus check on Bitcoin

Comedian Graham Elwood to spend his stimulus check on Bitcoin

U.S. comedian, actor, writer, and podcaster Graham Elwood revealed that he intends to spend his $1,400 stimulus check on Bitcoin.

Elwood while speaking on The Jimmy Dore Show touted the leading cryptocurrency and re-echoed his interest in Bitcoin. The comedian had earlier tweeted that he plans to buy some Bitcoin with his stimulus check.

During the discussion with show host Jimmy Dore, a reference was made to crypto influencer and pro-Bitcoiner Max Keiser, who has appeared on the show a week earlier.

Back then, Dore revealed that he also jumped on the Bitcoin train following a prediction from Keiser that the digital asset could hit $220,000this year.

Elwood is not the only celebrity looking to explore the cryptocurrency industry. Interest for Bitcoin has surged following the influx of institutional investors like Tesla. The digital asset has also been repeatedly touted as a possible store of value and a hedge against inflation.

Beyond Bitcoin, celebrities are also cashing out big from the booming NFT sector.

Overall, it appears Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are finally going mainstream.

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