Commercial Bank of Dubai Set to Launch NFT Art Exhibition

Commercial Bank of Dubai Set to Launch NFT Art Exhibition
Photo by Christoph Schulz / Unsplash

The Dubai exhibition is set to occur in collaboration with Amrita Sethi, a popular UAE-based NFT artist. It narrates the development story of the CBD with the United Arab Emirates over the last 50 years. The story connects the iconic Deira Clock Tower, which is central to the identity and logo of the CBD, to its monumental head office building. The art exhibition highlights how the CBD will continue to lead the innovation and support for the present and coming generations' ambitions to ensure lasting sustainable growth for the United Arab Emirates.

The premier event, which is set to last until the end of February, has been titled "This is the future of Art" and presents work through a mix of technology. All pieces to be utilized at the exhibition will be presented in augmented reality technology. Sethi, the chief partner for the event, has produced 28 distinct versions of artwork pieces of voice note art for the CBD with the theme "Dubai," and each piece of artwork is physical, with its NFT digital replica and distinct angles of AR.

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According to the Chief Executive Officer of CBD, Bernd van Linder, the bank is excited to celebrate the historic Golden Jubilee of the United Arab Emirates by organizing the NFT art exhibition, which tells of the outstanding growth and accomplishments of the country within just half a century. He also noted that the UAE has grown to become recognized as a leading country in technological advancements and innovations, and the CBD has assisted and will keep collaborating with the country on this journey of innovation.

Attendees at the event will be able to scan the QR code contained in the artwork. Thereafter, the augmented reality function will allow them to relish their art and also "see the sound" through the art.

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