'Crazy Frog' Twitter Account Gets Death Threats Over Upcoming NFT

'Crazy Frog' Twitter Account Gets Death Threats Over Upcoming NFT
Photo by Marcela Laskoski / Unsplash

The operators of the Twitter account for "Crazy Frog"—a wild-eyed CGI-animated critter whose 2005 song "Axel F" became viral—have reported receiving death threats in connection with their intentions to issue a non-fungible token (NFT) of the cartoon's audio.

"While we appreciate all legitimate criticism directed at NFTs, sending us death threats and other derogatory messages via email is neither cool nor productive," the Crazy Frog Twitter account stated in a 13 December tweet thread. The account administrators said that they are only "social media people," not Erik Wernquist, the developer of Crazy Frog. There might have been a form of misunderstanding on the part of the fans who cannot differentiate between the developer of Crazy Frog and the administrating team of the Twitter account, which is just another fan base.

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"Like you, we're Crazy Frog lovers," the Twitter account said. However, they noted that they do not influence the choice to provide NFTs or other commercial decisions. Additionally, they stated that they were not compelled to approve of the creator's business ideas, nor were they compelled to support any of their own.

"While everyone has a voice in brand concerns, the project's higher-ups have opted to go ahead," the post said. "Not everyone agrees, and we may sometimes show our disdain while pushing it. We are permitted to do so and have been speaking solely based on our judgment."

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Crazy Frog will make music tracks accessible as NFTs on the Metabeats network on 23 December. Metabeats bills itself as a "non-financial transaction marketplace and virtual reality platform." Other online users may listen to Crazy Frog's NFT music for free on YouTube and Spotify. This has prompted critics of Crazy Frog to question why anyone would purchase the NFT in the first place and accuse the company of cashing in on an online fad. On the other hand, several proponents of NFTs have praised them as game-changing developments in the quickly developing digital art sector.

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